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I Bought The Fisher-Price Game Boy

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I Bought & Unboxed The Fisher-Price Game Boy, The Lil’ Gamer! This Toy Blew Me Away! Unleash your strategic genius and lead your army to victory in sega genesis gain ground. Online multiplayer game offers a unique blend of turn-based and real-time strategy, offering endless possibilities for gameplay. Play now and join the ranks of the top commanders!
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  2. Mattel also made Barbie dolls

  3. Hey, atleast you had a reason to give it away after

  4. This thing is like a masterclass in changing a song JUUUSSSTT enough to not be the same song!

  5. Thanks for the hack. I'm waiting for more

  6. I wonder how long it'll be before someone turns this into a real Gameboy.

  7. Once you're a parent you will understand. My son loves these toys. I love the throwback style of the old game boy and made me want to get it for him more.

  8. My kids have this toy and out of the 4-5 melodies it plays, I recognize:
    Super Mario
    Kirby's green greens
    Tetris theme
    Zelda link's awakening intro

  9. I got this for my 1yo granddaughter for Xmas as a Gateway-Console for future gaming awesomeness.

  10. Now I must play Doom in that console 🤣

  11. They all sound awfully the same, Fisher Price may get sued by Nintendo.

  12. imagine taking this and using it as a shell for a raspberry pi emulation handheld

  13. This slipped right past Nintendo for some reason.

  14. I'm surprised they didn't use the actual Tetris song, since it's actually a public domain Russian folk song!

  15. The first song was the ABC Count from the character and the theme was Super Mario Bros and it was hilarioius. The 4th song was simular to The Legend Of Zelda and it was awesome and it feels like Link in fighting all the emimies outside.

  16. I have a suggestion: use the Konami code on it

  17. First Song was Super Mario bros (NES),
    2ND WAS Super Mario land 2

  18. Lyrics: Mario Theme Song:
    Mario theme plays
    A, B, C and 1, 2, 3
    It's so much fun to play and learn with me!

  19. My Dad Has An Original Game Boy And It Dosent Look Like The Fisher Price Toy

  20. The Songs: Mario Bros, Kirby Dreamland, Tetris, And The Legend of Zelda

  21. Sounded like Kirby’s Adventure for the NES..

  22. True but anything is true but it’s a toy it’s for a little kid like five years old six years old seven years old or four years old kids

  23. Wanna game boy you revealed look like the toy for a little kids that are five years old six years old or four years old that’s for them

  24. I’m not going I do adults can still use those if they want

  25. wait a minute…
    hear me out :
    in sonic 1, sonic has a frame in the walking animation that looks EXACTLY like that dogs pose.
    i like that
    also the dog is a 16 bit sprite probably
    if not sonic 1, its at least sonic 2 game gear.

  26. This is ridiculous…what next!?!?…fake Insurance documents for Kids?? Fake Judges Wigs and Hammer??!! I seriously am hard pressed to think up of something weirder for kids…

  27. 6:06 that sounds like a super Mario brothers, jumping animation Fisher-Price really did go out to almost match the exact sounds of Nintendo

  28. Tetris, Mario, Kirby, Zelda and Pokémon themes on this toy

  29. The code for this sounds like Mario jump, coin and super mushroom.

  30. 7:35 yes, it is the exact rip off of the intro for Kirby’s dreamland and Tetris except they’re very cringe and annoying versions of those

  31. Looks like Fisher-Price is onto something after all

  32. Not gona lie, I kinda want one of these to go with my orginal yellow GB Pocket my very premium pink Analogue Pocket

  33. My 16 year old sister got this for Christmas LOL! She absolutely loves it. I'm 17 years old and even though I didnt grow up in this gameboy era that much I still knew about it because of my uncles lol.

  34. My daughter has one, Kirby, Mario, Links Awakening, and Tetris. Theres one I couldn't place.

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