How useful is a Game Boy with a CRANK? [Playdate] -

How useful is a Game Boy with a CRANK? [Playdate]

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The Playdate is a unique little handheld with a lot of little tiny indie games on it, and some very big charm. But I want so much MORE…

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  1. This needs like a Warioware or rhythm heaven clone on it and I will run and buy one immediately

  2. I originally thought the crank was for charging it since it seems like a low power device. I mean you could use the crank as a fidget, so is it really that far fetched that someone wouldn’t actually charge up the device a bit with that crank?

  3. If it had a backlight I’d order, going to wait on V 2.0

  4. I'm afraid I remain a hater. there are just better handheld options for the price point. you can enjoy thousands of nes snes and ps1 games on a miyoo mini, a backlit handheld for about 80$.

    I understand that the target audience is different, but without a backlit, the price point is just laughable

  5. That was THE REASON why I didn't even care for this device. No backlight to the screen. We've been through this before. Nintendo released the gba and had to re-release a new one because people were buying backlit screen mods to add it to their device. That is how the gba sp came about. Huge miss step.

  6. Bob looks like Moist Critikals Jewish cousin.

    Seriously though, thanks for the video. I like how you didn't just fangirl over this thing, and it was a very objective overview. When you discussed the pixel art and side loading capabilities, you actually made me interested in one of these for the first time.

  7. This thing looks so charming. I would love to have one RIGHT NOW! Don’t wanna wait ‘till 2023 🙁

  8. awh. I thought that this would be like a gameboy where you dont need to replace the batteries

  9. what kind of pre-historic hardware can't emulate a GAME BOY in this day and age..? and no back light on a mobile device in 2022?!?. and they want $179!?. the actual fugg. borderline scam.

  10. This is basically the BEST handheld, I don't care if it's a bootleg, It's amazing

  11. I want one I'm just hesitant to get one because of the lack of backlight and how long it will take to get it I don't want to wait until 2023

  12. i preordered mine last week and won't be getting it until the beginning of next year. bummed for the wait, but glad to see how many people want this thing. there's so much potential with that dev kit available to any and everyone.

  13. 180 dollars, for somthing that cant play gameboy games. I love teenage engineering, but this is upsettingly hard to swallow, especially when the analouge pocket exists, which also has native development tools.

    this has charm, but realistically the price should be cut in half. yadayada ik what their deal is.

    its cute aethstetic tech, that is mostly what this is, they know how to market.

    I hope they plan to introduce a PlayDate XL for a little more money that can actually give people a much better expereince

  14. Love how even when you are being complimentary you still sound annoyed. Don't change.

  15. Kinda happy I’m group 5 because by 23 it will be more refined and more people will be messing with them and doing cool stuff by then. It’s group 1 rn I’m not sure if group 2 shipped but it’s still mad early stages so I’m not gonna hate on it yet. Has plenty of time to develop before I get mine

  16. I hate ads but Goodbye, Porkpie Hat just won a like & sub from me lol

  17. Hear me out. Tamagotchi game utilizing the crank for fishing/ claw machine-esque mini games. Visit/ breed with friends over WiFi and Bluetooth on a perfect little form factor. Just like the good ol days.

  18. People act like the crank can make games feel unique and that you can't do it on other platforms. Then you remember that an analog stick can rotate. Soooo… yeah

  19. i can’t wait to get mine man, it’s been such a long wait

  20. Billybobs hunting and fishing would be great on this

  21. I really wish that crank could serve as a charger. The chip it's using, an STM32F7 (an ARM Cortex M7 basically just a powerful microcontroller) and the SHARP memory LCD on it mean it uses very little energy and could conceivably be used with only crank charging it and not taking very long to get a full charge either.

    On the GB emulator front, I could see this chip being able to emulate better in the future, theoretically it has enough power to emulate most of the what the gameboy was capable of purely in software, like a 40x faster CPU and much more RAM powerful enough. The biggest question mark is definitely going to be sound, but the Arm M7 does have native DSP hardware so it should be possible with some tinkering with native DSP instructions. There's also an ESP32 used for WiFi and bluetooth that could conceivably used to offload DSP instructions from the main MCU. I think with some time to optimize the emulator for this chip it will actually be able to emulate the Gameboy at full speed.

  22. Hey! minor criticism at 6:23. The people who did your captions put RAMs instead of ROMs like you said. It just kind of bothers me lol

  23. 180 USD for a PRE-ORDER on a barebones device like this… that's a big no. It does look a little interesting, I'd probably splurge out 80 or 90 if it was really nice and it would ship out pronto (2023, are you kidding me? )
    But there's no chance with these features. We all have phones that run these games better, and any game that relies too heavily on that teeny crank will be extremely uncomfortable for extended periods of time.
    All this, with no backlight. No color. Negative ergonomics. Miss me with it.
    A gimmick is fine. But at this price, you'd be better off getting a knockoff emulator device. Or five. Jesus christ, this thing is overpriced. All else would be tolerated if this thing wasn't nearly 200 dollars for a Game and Watch.

  24. I thought the crank was to charge it 💀

  25. Backlight is only acceptable if we can disable it. I want to play this on the beach like my Gameboy!

  26. Imagine a play date that plays pixel or small indie games. Imagine stardew valley and deadcells etc maybe it’s possible

  27. why teh fuck would you put pokemon on thumbnail! that shit is a fucking lie.

  28. U look like the love child of Bertrand Gilfyole and Moist critical

  29. Every time I think I am gonna buy something like this I just think…. I have a smart phone. Its not worth it.

  30. I really really want one 😀 gonna probably get one once my moneys come in

  31. I absolutely want this Playdate but the lack of light on backscreen is eeeeeh.
    Moreover, I use to compare it to the Pebble Smartwatch, so I hope they bring a new Playdate 2 with new improvements.
    (Maybe even a wearable cover to act like a watch O_O)

  32. I Definitely thought the crank would charge the device. like cmon guys

  33. They clearly have Nintendo's attitude which means to me that they purposely kept annoying things in their first release.
    They have hardware updates in mind like Nintendo with the Gameboy advance.
    I'm ok with that because I wanted the Playdate so much. I know I'll enjoy it and that the crank (also Nintendo kind of useless feature) will not be used that much after all.
    That screen only started to show off and it's gorgeous! I believe in that and in devs, graphists' imagination to make the Playdate great. Seems that the only part of the Playdate that keeps full petential is the sound so we'll be extremely delighted with it.
    The Playdate is not going to fail.

  34. I bet someone has already ported Doom to this thing

  35. You know, before I saw this video, I always thought this was a GameBoy/GBC emulation handheld with a crank that charged the battery. And honestly? I think that'd still be a neat thing to have, especially if it can do GBA too. It wouldn't be something everyone NEEDS to buy, but I could totally see it being useful for people that go camping a lot, or do a lot of hiking and things. A GameBoy that doesn't require batteries or having a charged power bank with you at all times. I mean, imagine camping out in the woods, you're up late, sitting in your tent. You go to play some GameBoy, and oops, the battery is low. Just crank it for a bit and start playing.

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