How to Potty Train Toddlers : How to Potty Train Boys with Games -

How to Potty Train Toddlers : How to Potty Train Boys with Games

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Fun games are great for potty training boys because they help toddlers get excited about using the toilet, plus they can help improve aim. Learn games that you can use to potty train boys in this free parenting tips video.

Expert: Shelby Emmer
Bio: Shelby Emmer has an Associates Degree in child development. She has been teaching preschool children for the past 4 years at Temple Isaiah in Los Angeles, California.
Filmmaker: Devin Boddie


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  2. Yay my cousin is finally potty trained at the age of 2 cuzz of this method it helped him alot

  3. my baby poo and pee on restroom when they turn to six months i make them sit their when they finish eat as soon as they sit on the restroom they start to push and done that sit i save diapers when they turn 1 years they already realize even they not talk yet good they give signal so easy to me to teach them

  4. it makes me chuckle! restroom! sounds so pretentious! theyre going to the bog! the toilet ,the lavvy, arrrgggghhhh i swore!!!!! lol.

  5. totalyyy being male i have same thinking its just so gross to stand n pee

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