How to play Game Boy Advance games on your NES and SNES Classic with Hakchi CE (2019 Tutorial) -

How to play Game Boy Advance games on your NES and SNES Classic with Hakchi CE (2019 Tutorial)

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The NES and SNES Classic are the perfect consoles to play GBA games on the big screen! There’s so many great games that you now have a chance to play if you missed out on them!

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  1. Hey Patton I need help.
    I done literally everything said in the video. I added some Pokemon GBA games.
    But when I load them up it says C7: An error has occurred
    What do I do?

  2. Hello I'm french with a bad level in English like all French. With hakchi 3.7 and retro arch 1.84 I try all mode like gbsp and mGBA. Games are OK but graphims are horrible with big pixel!! Why? Help me please!

  3. Does this support the Pokemon gba and gbc games rtc functions? Like in emerald and crystal? Or does the system not have something that acts as that battery.

  4. the kmfd mod hub isn’t there for me, how do i get them?

  5. does it also do game boy color and original games?

  6. Is it possible to decrease the GBA screen size? It is huge on TV, and it would be nice to make it smaller, or at least put edges.

  7. I wish I could play Multiplayer in GBA games 🙁

  8. Which site do you use to download the roms?

  9. 4:05 Gameboy Advance Game Can Make Shock Sound at DirectSound A & B When Has Crashed

  10. It didn't work for me. What could've gone wrong? When I started my SNES it was as if it was reset to default memory/settings except for when it started I saw a Hakchi start-up screen..?

  11. Ok your opening statement is completely FALSE. No one thinks the GBA is not a serious system, it sold like pancakes, and everyone loved it. what?

  12. can anyone confirm if this still works? i really wanna play mother 3 lol

  13. Why don't you mention anything about the pixelated graphics when playing GBA games on SNES Classic Mini on a wide full screen TV? The screen of GBA is smaller than wide screen TV.

    I am using Retroarch 184 Extreme Amped and core mGBA.
    I guess there are ways to make the screen smaller and possibly correct the pixelated graphics but I don't know yet how.
    Why don't you handle these in your video?

  14. I played Final Fantasy IV Advance on SNES Classic with gpSP core with gba_bios.bin installed in the system folder in FTP client. It improved the sound quality and removed the stuttering.
    After I had played about 3h and 45 minutes, the game suddenly RESTARTED automatically (exactly at the time when I had entered Mysidia and bought a crossbow).


  15. is there anyway possible to use hakchi on the Mini hd game box for 8 bit wireless?

  16. after you download the software like how do you actually play the games i click on them it goes black for a sec then back to the game select screen

  17. RetroArch177 extreme isnt there. How can i get it. I see other ones though.

  18. I click on the game after download, and it just goes back to the homescreen

  19. That would be cool if there is pokemon

  20. Thanks for the video. Sadly GBA and GBC/GB games all have the warning message that assets are missing and the controller seems to not get supported. It asks for an onlin update which I cannot find. Any tipps?

  21. this still works! thanks so much got pokemon fire red and emerald working

  22. Gba games don't work for me when I select them te screen goes black and then it boots me to the nes homescreen. Any suggestions im using gpsp

  23. Thank you for the help I really appreciate it a lot.

  24. I know storage is an issue with the SNES classic… do the GBA games eat the memory up?

  25. I have a nes classic though… how do I use l and r buttons?

  26. Does the pokemon fire red and leaf green save function work?
    Like if i save the game in the pause menu will it load up the next time i play it?

  27. This fucking works like a treat! Thanks bro

  28. Can it work on an original SNES with a custom cartridge? These with microSD in it to play games

  29. there are 2 retroarch 190 modules now, which one do i download?

  30. Pokémon will just start then immediately go back

  31. Extreme Ozone or RGUI?
    i got 3.9.1 version of hakchi

  32. Isn't gpsp like the less accurate? Mednafen (Beetle GBA) and mgba are probably the best ones

  33. I want to do this but it still looks too confusing even with this tutorial. I wish there were like step by step tutorials out there for dummies.

  34. Can I get any of the Harry Potter games (GBC, GBA) on my SNES Classic?

  35. Can we have gba video on nes or snes classic

  36. My question is the Mother 3 fan translation on the game list?

  37. If suspend points don't work can you at least still save in-game?

  38. Kirby And The Amazing Mirror anyone?

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