How to Play Game Boy Advance games on your NES and SNES Classic (Tutorial) -

How to Play Game Boy Advance games on your NES and SNES Classic (Tutorial)

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The GBA cores are some of the easiest to get going. Now you can play those games on your big screen!

How to hack your Classic system

How to install bios files

NES and SNES Classic Modding help!

Hakchi CE

All your SNES Classic hacking tutorial needs!

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  1. At the end of the process, when I synchronize the games, there is an error, a kernel update message appears. What should I do to fix it?Do you help with this? Thank you so much…

  2. Thanks for the videos. Are you able to do a video for the arcade game Capcom Sports Club? I can't get Final Burn Alpha to run it on the SNES Classic

  3. Great vid, btw I figured out why my SNES classic wasn't working…I had tried updating it few days ago with the older hakchi before trying it onto the current Hakchi CE, I think that messed something up so what I did was I flashed it, uninstalled it back to factory stock and reinstalled it readded all my games that I copy and pasted from the older Hakchi folder to the newer Hakchi and it worked. I just have to figure how out to get Uniracers for SNES (I had it working in the past) and Eternal Warriors from Sega. Other Sega games work on my SNES classic but I have to figure that one out.

  4. Just wondering everytime you add a game or delete a game you don’t like does it flash the kernel and delete what ever saved content for a game I have thanks. Awesome video thank you they have helped me out a lot.

  5. Can you please do a video on how to install retro arch and cores for USB host?

  6. Does the snes controller work with the game boy games or do you use the wii pro controller?

  7. thx for the help your videos have been so usefull to hacking my snes mini. but im having one issue still im using a snes mini and i cannot get nes games to work on it i have tried using clover and the nestopia as well as one other core from the store on hackchi and put in the required commands to make them work but i just cant get the 2 games nes games i want to play to work on it. bards tale and solomens key.

  8. my GBA games are going black screen then back to the main menu its weird cause they work on my pc vba emulator any tips? love the channel!

  9. Can you please do an updated video on how to find and install bios files. This video left out so much info man

  10. when i play GBC and GBA
    games on the classic i cant get back to the main when i restart the game

  11. boo plz help i have a version without the mod store on it for hackchi plz help

  12. How do you update the mgba core? when I press select and start in a game and go to the retroarch menu it says mgba version 0.6.1 and going to their website it says 0.6.3 is latest. Is this update something you have to wait for in the Hakchi ce store?

  13. When I go to modules it only says install extra modules or erase.. there’s no option for the store

  14. i dont understnad where to find the bios files, someone help?

  15. Doesn’t the GBA games need four buttons to play them? The NES classic only has two.

  16. GBA games have inherently noise , aliased and scratchy audio. Nothing new

  17. I have done all of these steps. I downloaded mGBA and 20-ish games. However, when I tried playing the games, they would load, go black, and go back to the main menu. If anyone has a solution, I would love to hear it. If you need to download the bios files, I'm afraid I couldn't understand the video you linked.

  18. I got the GBA games to work on my SNES Classic. BUT, the control isn't doing anything. Why can't I control the games? The controller hack still works, I just can't control anything in the GBA games. Just checked a regular Game Boy game (Pokémon Yellow). The controls don't do anything on those either. Why?

  19. Do you know if you can play modded games like Pokemon Ultra Violet?

  20. I'm running Hackchi CE v3.5.2 and I have RetroArch 'Neo' v1.7.4a installed as well as mGBA. When I launch a Gameboy or Gameboy Color game, it immediately boots back to the game selection screen. I have not installed the bios yet. Is that the reason I'm having this issue? Or is there something else causing it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  21. My Hackchi doesn't have a store. welp.

  22. Love the use of Time Lord for your intro! Thanks for the tutorial

  23. that is cool it sucks that i have to overwrite my supernintendo bios

  24. I keep getting C7 error when trying to run the games

  25. Hey Patton plays I need help. I got game's to run on the snes mini I'd like to know if I could get your info in a simple terms all of what I need in order to be able to play and be able to have gba games and original Nintendo games save my game so that when I go back to them I can properly load the game and continue where I left off. If you can just put a simple list telling me what I need I'd appreciate it thanks.

  26. You know it would be nice but the amount of games for retro systems i have plus trying to find translated games equals more memory used than neccesary especially for components and system types i may never play on it due to limited memory on the CE systems. Now if they can figure out a way to do a mod thatll allow you to run a split cable for power and an external hard drive or usb for more memory then great as i cant even fit all the snes games on my snes ce let alone a mame emulator

  27. Highly recommend not even messing with these bios files things because it will give you a large headache, and most GBA games do not require this feature anyway. I've had multiple issues and errors when trying to copy and paste these bios files to my folders step by step, and then opening hakchi just for it to give me all sorts of errors and strange kernel update messages that don't even work. Better off skipping this entire GBA step. Will save you lots of trouble and almost all of the GBA games work flawlessly without this bios file stuff. Just my opinion.

  28. thank you a lot i was a whole day working on this!!

  29. I have four GBA cartridges which I'd like to put on the mini, but obviously the NES controller doesn't have shoulder buttons. What are the controller options for the NES mini? In terms of buying a second controller?

  30. How come your SNES classic has 304MB of available storage for uploading games, and mine only has 209MB???

  31. My modules tab will not show the Haktchi Mod Store tab

  32. So why when I get far into a game
    It’ll crash and put me back to a previous save

  33. When i click sync games it does it thing and it does the reboot popup, and it takes a long time. After that, the pop up goes away and another popup comes up and says, your kernel or something isint updated and i cant put the games and the gba emulator on! Please help!

  34. Some GBA games like Sonic Advance 3 and Final Fantasy 6 don’t run well.

  35. I have done all this and it still doesn't work whenevr i go to a gba game and select it it just shows gba and goes back to the menu

  36. Is running GBA ROM hacks possible on this?

  37. The Hakchi mod store refuses to open, saying critical error.

  38. Is it possible to decrease the GBA screen size? It is huge on TV, and it would be nice to make it smaller, or at least put edges.

  39. any idea how to fix choppy gameplay issues with certain games, like ff6? i've placed my bios and use mgba, i haven't quite figured this out. the ff6 intro stutters really bad, both audio and video.

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