How to play crazy 8s -kids card game - tutorial -

How to play crazy 8s -kids card game – tutorial

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How to play crazy 8s – Easy step by step instructions for how to play the classic Crazy 8s card game. This is a great first card game to teach children who have never played cards before. You can play with 2 or more players. A simple variation of this game is called “Uno” that you may have also heard of. This is the basic classic game of Crazy 8s.

The activity featured in this video is traditionally a middle school activity (age 13+).

For printable step by step instructions, and a list of variations, please visit my webiste for the complete article on this game!

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  1. I use the Joker in the game. it makes a color change and makes your oponent ''or the guy playing after you'' Pick up 5 cards

  2. This isn't how you play jokers make you pick 5 cards and twos make you pick up. 2 and 4s an d A's are skips

  3. Huh, thought that this would just be a reference to Krazy8 from "Breaking Bad". Well, I was clearly wrong.

  4. in the uk we play it different and its called switch it the same concept but you deal 7 cards no matter how many players and a 2 makes the person to next to you left or right puck up 2 cards and a 7 lets you play the rest of your suit 8 makes the person miss a tern a ace(has to be the same suit)lets you change the suit a black jack switches the direction for ether left to right or right to left and a black queen makes everyone switch hands.personally i prefer switch because it has more to it but thats just me hope this helps and ps its better with 4 or five people because you can screw up there strategy.

  5. Hey thanks I just bought a deck of cards and did not know how to play thanks to you now I do

  6. Hey women do you know how to count because you said to have 5 card and you have 6 GO BACK TO PRE-K

  7. You know its a quality video when the intro is like that.

  8. It's actually a good gambling game or at least I think that

  9. Thank you! I've wanted to get into card games & you've explained this clearly! c;

  10. it says when you play a card you have to match suit or number but what about A? A is not a nubmer.

  11. Ai bruh I need a start gambling in school now

  12. thank you for this well explained card game! my husband and I are learning how to play cards and we are so glad that we found your video! thanks again! ☺☺

  13. We Polynesians call this "Last Card". But aces are wild and playing a number 2 card means the player after you draws 2. But if they also have a number 2 card, they can play it and the next player has to draw 4. Also, you have to say "Last card" while playing your second to last card. If someone else beats you to it, then you have to draw 3-5 cards(depending on who you're playing).

  14. make more cars vids you explain them well

  15. im sorry but you suck. this video was of no help at all.

  16. thank you i didn t knewed any card game thank you for teaching

  17. Did you ever play spoons? We put the video up for it today

  18. did she just summon a bunch of monsters in one turn

  19. What if you have 3 heart cards (with the deck asking for hearts), could you place them all down at the same time ?

  20. Thx really helped
    Was trying to figure out what to play with family

  21. i play this game muuuuuuch differently at break time
    here are the rules me and my friends use
    power cards:
    2~pick up two (when the player picks up 2 cards he/she can not play that turn, also however many twos there one on top of each other is how many the player picks up ex: there is two twos laid; the player would pick up four)
    3~ the only three that is powerful is the three of spades, it does nothing, soooo powerful ikr ;-;
    4~skip a turn
    8~wild card (the player who lays the 8 chooses what suit to change it to)
    J~switch directions
    Q~most queens are powerless but the queen of spades is pick up 8

    1~ a card laid is a card played
    2~ a player may only put down a card of the same suit OR number/letter at there turn
    3~ you may put down up to 4 cards at once (8 in two decks and so on) AS LONG as they are the same suit
    4~if someone sees someone else's card they may only say "your bleeding"and NOT what cards the player has
    5~if a player can not put down a card they must pick up ONE card from the deck
    6~ when a player gets down to 1 card (right after they lay down their second last card and before the next player goes) he/she must say "last card" or he/she has to pick up five cards

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