How the Game Boy TRIGGERS You! -

How the Game Boy TRIGGERS You!

Nathaniel Bandy
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Game Boy Light Review:
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Edited by: @DatFuzzyBearMan

All avatars are drawn by Charriii5!



  1. I like how he used jurassic parks soundtrack

  2. I don't work at Nintendo but I'm going to make a pickachu gameboy

  3. Game BOY? What’s wrong with girls, huh? Misogynist.

  4. I think where you you were going with the vb was the gameboy what like that but Good

  5. Amazing Mirror, Superstar Saga, Advance 3 and & Bass are the best Kirby, Mario, Sonic and Megaman games in my opinion

  6. 0:59 watch angry video game nerd for more information on whatever the hell that is.

  7. o:13 right broooo is the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest

  8. Now I personally like the ds the most but I love the gba and had some great times with it especially games like Pokémon Ruby, The Minish Cap, and Pokémon Fire Red. The gba and the GameCube were awesome systems

  9. I’m triggered watching a triggered video that made me even more triggered and now I’m too triggered to watch the un triggered video!

  10. "Who the heck would watch Spongebob on a GBA?"

    Me: Slowly raises my hand.

  11. its 2021 the original game boy is almost 30 years old

  12. Nintendo was originally a playing card company.

  13. The Gameboy Micro is literally the size of my old iPod and by the time my hands grew significantly, I still didn’t concern over its teeny size in my big hands

  14. "The only reason people remember the gameboy is because of super mario land and tetris
    Pokemon Red and Kirbys Dream Land: "Am I a joke to you"

  15. Sp, spongebob volcano island, madden 07, unite, arcade games, asteroids,battleship,and pong. Need for speed.

  16. Complain about darkness, now complain about light

  17. I got the pocket and color! And I used to have a gameboy sp but I gave that to my friend for my best friend

  18. What's up with Nintendo and spongebob? Do they secretly want him in smash even though sora was the last character and nick all stars bralw exists.

  19. When u said hope u have a good day I am having a good day and I will have a better day tomorrow cause tomorrow is my birthday 🎉

  20. Who would wanna watch anything on a game boy advance

  21. Well first of all— it was the first of it's kind. So as bad as the screen was, I made due. I remember using a soft case that came with a shaver. I fit the original game boy and I think 6 cartridges in it not including the game in the game boy itself. It made long bus rides seem so much shorter. I remember showing it to some guys and one of them said, it looked like a shaving case and I said that's cause it is.

  22. I sent away for my game boy advance to be fitted for a better screen and it was brighter but used batteries even faster. Also when I got it back, a corner of the screen was dark. I called the company and the man had the nerve to say only if the whole screen was dark would they do it over.

  23. The ps4 pro and ps5 joke either aged like milk, or aged like water

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