How the Game Boy ᵃˡᵐᵒˢᵗ ruined Nintendo - LowSpecLore -

How the Game Boy ᵃˡᵐᵒˢᵗ ruined Nintendo – LowSpecLore

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The Game Boy was a low spec machine that changed gaming, so why was it so hard to develop? And how did it almost destroyed Nintendo from the inside?

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Most of the music and music timing by Roccow:
Other song by Epidemic Sound:

Drawings by Maiku No Koe:

3D animations by Windy.

Smash Intro by Dango

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  1. Damn… None of Nintendo Omake books is released in English… Only French… They look really informative and I hope they translate their Nintendo series to English

  2. Hey this lowspeclore is awesome, man. This series makes me appreciate more what gaming technology that I have right now, even though it's not a newer or better one. Thanks, I learn a bit of history about gaming because of your videos!

  3. This was one of the most captivating videos I watched recently. Thank you for this educational and entertaining piece. Great editing as well.

  4. Bro, video is epic. But sometimes you speak too fast

  5. Great video, you weren't kiding, the effort you put on it

  6. I remember the first time I saw a Game Gear. It made me want to throw my Gameboy into the river. That is, until the kid that had it ran out of batteries right in the middle of a Sonic run. It just powered off. That's it. No more Sonic for you.

  7. Just came from your other video. It shows that you have passion for this. Keep doing what makes you happy.

  8. If you're gonna do content like this you should take a look at the WonderSwan. That thing is such cool, budget, piece of tech with amazing games too. Really a shame it never came to more markets.

  9. Yokoi was a bit stubborn for the advancement of technology, but he was a genius and deserves all the praise he gets. Nintendo screwed him over, but considering the in-fighting and Yamauchi its not very surprising sadly. The wonderswan and his departure from Nintendo would make another great video. This was amazing and I look forward to the next installment.

  10. i remember going around stores looking for batteries when they all threw them out, and i just wanted to revisit my good old GBC…

  11. What an amazing video! You just flew by MooresLawIsDead in quality and the length… I could have watched an hour of this easy. Thank you LowSpec!

  12. holy shit this is such a good video wtf amazing new direction for the channel actually

  13. I have seen a lot of videos about the origin of the Gameboy over the years, this one has some great angles on the story I had never seen or heard before the production quality and delivery was really top notch you coul tell this was a passion project. Really great work, liked and subbed keep it up can't wait to see more!

  14. Those drawings look a lot like the ones the Gaming Historian uses. Do you have the same artist?

  15. Please absolutely make a video on the GmW series.

  16. Very interesting video, I like where the channel is going

  17. I fully understand what you mean. These Gameboy videos are full of life force. I support your pursuit of this as a fan of Gameboy and as a fellow human being. You deserve to be happy while working.

  18. This was great, absolutely loved the explanation of the twisted nematic cristals, keep up the good work!

  19. Great video! Absolutely brilliant. Could not pause it at all :)). Keep up the good work Alex!

  20. That's not cool. They have to be like water as Bruce Lee said. The Famicom has the coolest controller of them all- it has metal and it looks like Iron Man. I have a yet to be revived Famicom.

    God bless.

  21. thats funny to hear Nintendo may have designed the gamegear in a certain way of looking at it because i always Saw the sega game gear as superior to Gameboy

  22. 60 years later and the LCD is still being perfected.
    Very fascinating tech.

  23. If you keep making these types of video I'll keep watching, your older different content doesn't matter as any retro hand-held, console or computer is relevant to this channel.
    Do what you love because that's what makes you happy 😁

  24. I subscribe to you, yet I only found this video after I watch your recent stance on the Low Spec gaming in general and how it is almost impossible right now. Youtube Algorithm is bad. But I don't realize it was this bad.

  25. great video… how did you make the ALMOST in your title superscript?

  26. I watch alot of these kind of videos, but holy shit, there was so much information I never knew about, you actually did do research on this one.

  27. I've always loved your content, but I'm binging on your new content! Keep it up, king! ♥️

  28. I remember the first time I saw a Game Boy screen… this was after years of playing games on the Apple II, Amiga, ST etc. All I thought was "this is garbage, nobody could play a game on this".
    Then again, I also thought the iPhone wouldn't sell because it was grossly expensive.
    Shows how much I know about market behaviour.

  29. Thank you sir for pointing me out to see this side of your productions and future as well! This was a joy to watch and an informative one as well. Please keep on doing what you feel like you do best!

  30. Amazing video! I love how you captured the cut-throat corporate culture of 80's Japan. I was a Gear Gear kid back in the 90's and missed out on the original Gameboy. I guess you could say it was one of my life's regrets.

  31. My cousin had Zelda game and watch . It was a beaut

  32. That was more interesting that I thought it would be. Thanks

  33. Absolutely amazing video, I can feel the passion here! As someone who grew up in the late 80s and early 90s with the NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gamegear and Megadrive etc all vying control, as well as the PC with the likes of Doom, Xwing/Tie Fighter, Magic Carpet etc this was an insane time of rapid advancement. Look at what we had then, vs what we had now, and the difference is insane. There are video games, even indie ones, that look better now, than full production movies did back then!

  34. My dude, you disappeared from my recommendations awhile ago, until I saw your "End of Low Spec" video about ten minutes ago, where you mentioned starting this. I could not be happier to have found that you've pivoted here.

  35. One off the stories he could not tell was the one about the 2 lovers. One from each department meeting in secret and fell madly in love with one another. They can't tell you that one or it would ruin their competitive reputation.

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