How Graphics worked on the Nintendo Game Boy Color | MVG -

How Graphics worked on the Nintendo Game Boy Color | MVG

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In 1998 Nintendo released the Game Boy Color, an upgrade to the original DMG Game Boy. The Game Boy Color (GBC) was fully backward compatible with the Game Boy but came with some improvements to the original architecture. In this episode we take a look at the Graphics subsystem of the GBC and discover some of the technical achievements developers were able to pull off.

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  1. I could kick myself now what I did back then to my gameboy color. I was an angry little shit and threw it when I lost a game and it never worked the same afterward.

  2. Wonderful video! Its crazy how the pallette is double of the nes. There is no high color mode for the nes. But programmers and artist would use a trick to rapidly switch hatching patterns to make new colors show on the screen on the nes

  3. GBC would've been so much better if they bothered with a backlight

  4. Programers are spoiled by too much ram these days 😁

  5. Not many people can get that old feeling back when i was small and gaming but you sir are coming very close. I'm very happy that i fond you on yt. There are not many like you on yt. Thank you so much for it all your hard work. I will never remove you. Keep up the amazing work you do. A 80e gamer 🙂

  6. We really need to be more impressed with what people were able to do with older hardware. There's no magic in video game development anymore.

  7. Very interesting video. Some stuff doesn't make sense to me but still a great video.

  8. 3:23 there's an error somewhere, the words say 16kb ram on the gameboy but you verbally say 8kb, just letting you know

  9. I loved changing the colour pallets on the "gameboy" screen by pressing buttons. always made my games feel fresh.

  10. 11:46 These default palette configurations do give games more effective colors. Whereas the original Game Boy only had four colors, with these palettes you might get different colors for sprites than backgrounds.

    Also the other huge improvement for the GBC was a much faster-response LCD (active-matrix versus the old passive). Now you could scroll the screen and actually be able to make details out, rather than it being a blurry mess.

  11. I don't know what you are trying to say, it just sounds like something about how a dingo stole your baby…Thanks for trying to speak about Human(American) culture.

  12. Again, man! THANK YOU for making these videos! 💙

  13. was that intro in canon fodder made by team 17??? it looks like the original worms intro!!

  14. I'm a little confused. At the beginning you said 8k RAM, 8k Graphics RAM, but then at 3:18 you list GameBoy DMG as having 16k R, 8k GR. Error or two different types?

  15. Hi! Thanks for this awesome video. I was wondering what the outro music (from 13:16) is? Anybody knows?

  16. I really appreciate the nice animations of the different video layers! Great content!

  17. Does GBC display the lines on screen the same way as in original Gameboy ? Im still wondering about it, because I never seen a consolized GB or GBC, while already seen a few Game Gears being consolized, so I guess video outputs in more standart way on the Sega console. or is there a way to solder somewhere on the board of GB/GBC to recieve analogue video out ?

  18. This was incredible and interesting to watch I love content like this!

  19. really good business planning/execution by nintendo. they knew that the reason they sold so many game boys was the games. nintendo kept their architecture similar to the game boy, so the software developers writing games for game boy would be familiar with it and able to create great games, which is what the customers wanted and loved about the game boy. all hardware companies or anyone writing an API should take heed, shiny new added complexity isn't always the best way to serve your customers or your developers.

  20. 7:33 Have you got the active video and H-blank the wrong way round, or does it really draw at an angle?

  21. 10:50 batman return of the joker sound in the back, the first game I ever played! 😀

  22. Yes! How it applies colour to regular Game Boy games! How did you know I was wondering that? 🙂

  23. I saved up for ages to get a brand new Game boy colour. It was amazing!

    Then the bastards went and released the Game Boy Advance what felt like some 6 months later….

  24. I've been watching a lot of your videos of late and I really enjoy your deep dives into explaining how the hardware of retro game consoles worked. Do you have any plans of releasing such a video for the DS or 3DS? They are comparatively modern, so I guess they don't need to use the same hacks that were needed in the time of the GB/GBC, but I'd love to know more about the secrets of their hardware.

  25. I love the GBA among the other Game Boys. Cool form factor.

  26. Wait was that megaman x for the gameboy color?

  27. So… would it be fair to say DMA was just another form of.. BLAST PROCESSING?

  28. find these so interesting thanks for the run down on how it all works

  29. What is that sound/melody at 4:40? I remember it, but not the name ;-/

  30. Would things have been better if NINTENDO had used the ZILOG Z800 or ZILOG Z8000.

  31. Hello did the gameboy color had better graphics than the nes console ?

  32. please Please PLEASE do a video about the Game Boy Advance graphics ❤😊❤

  33. Ah, I love the old "WWF Superstars" music that you used around the 9 minute mark…

  34. I was a lucky kid – Had access to a Game Gear, a Lynx, and a Super Game Boy. Nonetheless, I begged my parents for a Game Boy Color when Pokemon Gold and Silver came out, and that ended up being my favourite handheld for a very long time.
    Just goes to show that it's not the power of the console that makes it great, but what the developers do with it!

  35. I personally think the games on the gameboy colour looked better without a backlight, then you have perfect black levels

  36. I've got both an original Game Boy and an A1200 in perfect working condition. I feel old.

  37. It's interesting that they kept the entire concept of VBLANK. That just shows how entrenched hardware architecture was at that point. All other consoles and computers were designed to output a standard video signal for use on a monitor or TV. So there were actual physical limitations in the drawing of the scanlines by the picture tube and returning to the top of the screen, and the corresponding timings in the video signal. Since the Gameboy had an LCD display, there were no physical scanlines or VBLANK required to return to position 0, 0. While there may have been some timing limitations as the LCD probably refreshed in a certain way, the VBLANK was not a physical limitation because there was no actual picture tube and scanning and thus no true delay required to return to 0, 0.

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