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[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] Snake dice game was popular in the past (ENG SUB)

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Which team will win the game?

Ep. 264

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  1. Hearing the name kang yewon it reminds me of the show she was in dunking sister a few years ago she was pretty funny

  2. Choi Jin Hyuk often out of frame, please get him in frame..

  3. 4:41🐯: is Muscle Man me?…😁
    5:00🐯: It's me!…😁XD he get shock sounds so adorable❤xDD he really can't believe that how crazy he set his name as Muscle Man xD
    6:58…lol the timing is coming i feel excited when see our 🐯KOOKIE is the one who going to finger flick him xD he even can't escape the finger flick from our Muscle Man till the end lol our MUSCLE MAN ALL KILL in this ep😂👊👊🐯🔥🔥

  4. As a fan of Runningman for the past 10 yrs, Jongkook is not joking around about penalty. Lol

  5. It's nice to see Lee Tae-sung hang out with these boys ❤️

  6. What happened to Choi Jin-Hyuk was sad. I hope he will learn from it, and he still returns to variety shows. I miss seeing him in MLOB. 🥺

  7. Expect it if all of them are in a Room or Place it'll be funny as hell or you are smiling from start to finish

  8. It will be nice if i can see jinhyuk & not cut.

  9. 0:04 i got surprised, that is the intro sound of squid game🙂🙂🙂

  10. This variety show is the best💯👏👏

  11. They should have their own variety show, it‘s so entertaining to watch them😂

  12. This is hilarious and ridiculous at the same time😂🤣. In the previous episode, Jin Hyuk's voice appeared and his face was edited .. In this episode, his face appears and his voice is muted.. Are you crazy? You must get rid of cancellation culture because it is ridiculous The world is not perfect and you are not gods and actors are not angels . We all make mistakes in our daily lives and keep going to work as if nothing had happened..

  13. I can stop laughing hahaha..that extra mission is so funny hahaha..

  14. Aww Oh Min Suk still saves Kang Ye Won's name as "My Love Jam Jam" on his cellphone 😢
    I really liked them on We Got Married. I thought they had a chance to become a real couple. It is good they are at least on good terms

  15. hahah sang min asking for money killed me

  16. Thanks to Shindong for introducing the game , I can't stop laughing at them 🤣

  17. it’s so funny how they react to kjk’s finger flick. ..

  18. Jong kook and heechul duo is really fun

  19. The silhouette of black guy turned to kjk 4:57 hahaha the editing was funny 😂😂

  20. Ironically title says eng sub but there are NO eng subs😖

  21. Currently this show is much more intertaining than runningman

  22. I regret watching this while everybody's sleeping at home. It's so hard to keep myself from laughing out loud LOL

  23. I'm glad finally Tae Sung joined their gathering.

  24. Never a dull moment…

  25. Maybe Jong Kook will never marry, he is too strict in everything including food and exercise, even the usage of things like tissue paper, I bet women will starve if they're with him.

  26. the combination of runningman + knowing brother + 2D1N cast

  27. I used to watch minsuk and yewon's episodes in wgm nd from there i really liked him nd then also in beautiful love wonderful life drama.. good to know they r still in touch.. hope to see him in a drama soon

  28. when i need to relax i tune in this show its so calming and make me laugh to make my day ❤😃☺☺😊

  29. Спасибо!Очень люблю это шоу!Рахмет!

  30. We got married 😭😍🤗 im happy for them ☺️🤭

  31. I want to see them having debate, it will be so much fun🤣, subtitles please (it's already over one month)

  32. Heechul's laughing is everything made me laugh more and more 😂😂😂😂

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