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A playthrough of THQ’s 1991 license-based platformer for the Nintendo Game Boy, Home Alone.

Home Alone games appeared on every commercially-viable platform known to man in the early 1990s, and of course, the thoughtful folks producing these games thought that people (with money) might wish to take Kevin’s antics on the road with them. And surely enough, three different handheld games appeared on the market to cash-in on the success of the movie franchise.

This green-and-grey adaptation of the SNES title was the first of those portable games. It retains the general feel of the SNES title quite well, albeit with badly compromised graphics and sound. Kevin runs about his mansion over four stages: each of these have him collecting a predetermined number of themed objects to deposit in the basement vault via laundry chutes. After he has collected the necessary items and evaded the Wet Bandits, a key to the basement appears. Kevin then has to avoid whatever hazards are lurking and defeat some sort of boss before moving on to the next stage.

The SNES game was a middling game – it was just okay. It played reasonably well, and the graphics and sound were reasonably good for how early in the system’s life the game was released. The Game Boy version is still pretty mediocre, but comes in somewhat below it’s 16-bit brother. The presentation lost any amount of gloss that it originally had, and while the graphics are passable, the sound seriously grates. Rhe screen no longer scrolls, making it too easy to run directly into hazards just ahead, and this issue is compounded by the slippery controls. Precision jumping is easy enough, but Kevin’s movement feels twitchy and off, and he is generally not as responsive as you’d like him to be. That being said, the game is still quite easy. The challenge comes more from the frustrating mechanics than any good level design or creative obstacles. It’s also a bit too long for a handheld game that lacks any password or save system. If your batteries die, you’ll be starting again from the beginning.

It’s not bad (why do I find myself qualifying these titles like this so often?), and it’s not good. It’s exceedingly mediocre, so your mileage is likely to vary based on your own preferences for 2D platforming and any affinity you might hold for the license.

I found it to be a somewhat entertaining distraction for a short bit, and then promptly forgot about it once I’d finished it.

If nothing else, it’s certainly better than the NES trainwreck.

*Recorded with Retroarch’s DMG shader for that classic dot-matrix look!*
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. They really made games about everything back then

  2. I've play this game before never complete all level and always stuck in first level

  3. The Game Boy version of Home Alone is far better than the NES version, but it's certainly not up to par with the SNES game upon which it is based.

  4. Its the SNES gane but crampped and cut for the Game Boy.
    The same goes for the Sequel.

  5. I dont like this because it's so bad then I can jump some obstacles for no reason but Kevin is jumping so stupid.

  6. Gavin Graham paw patrol yes caillou no says:

    Home alone 2 for gameboy?

  7. I'm glad I missed out on this one but I may have to play it next year for my channel since I'm reviewing every home alone again. That means I have to play that horrible nes one. Ugh.

  8. How do you get the gameboy effect?

  9. Has this game, is hard, but playable (and a bit better that nes)

  10. Home Alone for GAME BOY!? Seriously?!
    Y'know…it actually looks pretty good! …Or at the very least, better than I thought it would look. Huh. Maybe the original Game Boy doesn't suck as much as I thought it would (I didn't grow up with the Game Boy, but man, I've heard horror stories about those batteries…) Nonetheless, I've always wanted to fight off those silly Wet Bandits on the go, that's for sure!! ^-^

  11. My friend once had a copy of this game that I use to play from time to time….
    Could never beat the fourth stage!! T_T";

  12. I will say this, kinda sub-par though this game is, at least your final bosses included the Wet Bandits, and your final challenge was not an upscaled rat.

    Seriously, SNES version, what was up with that?

  13. Why do the henchmen not resemble marv and Harry and instead look like Abobo and Boris from rocky and bullwinkle

  14. Wow I wish I had this game. I loved! Game boy in the early to mid 90s, and I liked this movie.

  15. It's basically a video game about housecleaning

  16. Kids this days will never know how good this was…good times!!

  17. This game I owned a long time ago. Never got passed the electronics though. Might try to beat it one day

  18. The feeling I got when i turn this game on ❤

  19. Had this game. Brings back memories by watching it.

  20. In the battle with Harry at close to the end, I take that when you open up the windows, that he is getting hit by the old man with the shovel?

  21. Better Than The NES One,Ill Tell You That.

  22. I once owned this game, got it as a free game when I bought Gradius II Interstellar Assault from an Ebay seller. Sadly my sister would often played it, and she lost the damned thing.

  23. Plot twist: it's not green it's black and white

  24. This is basically the SNES version but downgraded to the GB lol

  25. One of the first games I ever beat as a little girl! This, Little Mermaid, and TNNT were my firsts. I had to beg my little brother to play on his Gameboy since my parents would never get me a system of my own.

  26. Harry And Marc scream 🤣🤣 Christmas 🎄🎄🎄
    Present 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 Kevin Pizza 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

  27. I don’t think I played the game properly because I never found the key to go through the cupboard under the stairs

  28. Kevin McCallister: I Made My Family Disappear This Is My House I Have To Defend It

  29. Is this just a lower spec port of the SNES version? I never got this for game boy, but I played it constantly on my SNES, and this looks so similar! This game was so fun!

  30. The gameplay in Home Alone needs major works and the music is unacceptable. Hopefully the NES and Super NES versions are better. Not the best they ever did.

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