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History of the Game Boy – A 20th Anniversary Feature

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The then-revolutionary Game Boy is one year shy of being a Game Man. An in-depth history of the hand-held gaming console and the evolution of the Game Boy.


  1. Got all of them to date, except the light );

  2. GBASP is undoubtably the greatest handheld system of all time.

  3. I have the original gameboy advance but damn its dark 

  4. For those of you guys that cant find a gameboy, get the emulater. It has all the gameboy games for free on your phone and pc

  5. Game Boy, Game Boy Color and (originally) Game Boy Advance was on 3DS VC!

  6. Don't they think it's time for a GAME GIRL? I bet it would do quite well.

  7. today is the 25 anniversary of the gameboy 

  8. 4:16 i know how it ends! seen a lot of H to know where this is going!

  9. the only game i played in the Original Gameboy was Pokemon Yellow. in GBC only Tomb Raider… :/

  10. The FIRST time EVER I played a Pokemon Game, was on a plane. I chose Cyndaquil. I never get to use him, but he's my favourite.

  11. with flame wars about specs and exclusive dominating the internet, it's nice to see people group behind a system that was flawed and be nostalgic. 

  12. Somehow i didn't realize that a DS wasn't considered a Gameboy : O

  13. I used to have gba but lost it. I think that the Ds should of been called the gameboy ds and gameboy 3ds. Ds only means dual screens.

  14. First game boy Gameboy color the green one i had two games and i got it in second grade I'm going to eighth grade ahhh the years of wanting to be born in the '90s

  15. I have the gameboy pocket and color, buying the advance tomorrow

  16. If Nintendo really wants to make a profit they should re make and re relies the gameboy with 3ds capability a and have 2 ports for all gameboy and ds carts

  17. Gameboy is about 6 months older than me. I want to say I have or had every gameboy (DSs are still gameboys to me) and edition but I'm missing the micro(cause damn who has the change for that) and a few of the editions from the original. Though my fat gray granddaddy gameboy was stolen when I was very small and my Red Pocket died from a fall. I still have all mine after including the washed twice dropped xxx Grape GBC that has been through Pokemania (still works).  When it comes to handhelds I am a fangirl of Nintendo.  

  18. I remember playing Pokemon Red on my gameboy color, ah good times

  19. Gameboy, gameboy pocket, gameboy color, gameboy advance sp, psp, galaxy note 8.0

    Gameboy til the color was in my opinion the best gameboys!

  20. Nintendo's Portable Gaming Evolution:
    2.GameBoy Pocket
    3.GameBoy Light
    4.GameBoy Color
    5.GameBoy Advance
    6.GameBoy Advance SP
    7.GameBoy Micro
    8.Nintendo DS
    9.Nintendo DS Lite
    10.Nintendo DSi
    11.Nintendo DSi XL
    12.Nintendo 3DS
    13.Nintendo 3DS XL

    Who knows… There may be more to come.

  21. On JUly 31st, the Game Boy turns 25, and on July 30th, I turn 25! We're practically twins! 🙂

  22. Somewhere I have two Gameboy Advances… oh well. I guess my SP and my DSi will have to keep me busy for now.

  23. "The GBA was basically a portable Super Nitnendo"
    And that's why it's the best game system of all time!

  24. Wouldn't it be great if they never took out the red light fading function in the Gameboy Advance SP? It's always startling when the system just clicks off on its own and you can never tell exactly when it will because the battery light doesn't fade…

    Also, does anyone know the differences in battery life between the Gameboy Advance SP models AGA-001 and AGA-101?

  25. they really should make the next DS backwards compatible with all the gameboy games 🙁 

  26. April 21, not July 31. After all the Game Boy was first launched in Japan.

  27. Unimpressive design?? I fell in LOVE with the GameBoy Advance at first glance because of its design, and to this day, though the pocket is my favorite handheld, the GBA has my favorite design >.<

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