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History of the Game Boy – A 20th Anniversary Feature

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The then-revolutionary Game Boy is one year shy of being a Game Man. An in-depth history of the hand-held gaming console and the evolution of the Game Boy.


  1. The octopus in this game looks the same as Super Smash Bros Brawl

  2. i had all the the gameboys back in the day even the one that had a backlight but only played the black and white games not color you can probably still find one on amazon or ebay the backlit gameboy that i had was imported from japan

  3. I had a game boy color, game boy advance, game boy sp, and game boy micro and then I sold them at a garage sale ;(

  4. I had a gameboy advanced SP it was just..amazing my childhood was complete with the memories of playing Pokemon with my best friends Thank you GameBoy

  5. still got a gameboy advance sp with pokemon sapphire, fire red and golden sun 1 n 2 🙂

  6. since everyone else seems to be doing this ill do it to cause this is what everyone on you tube does COPY!

    I had a original gameboy, gameboy pocket,gameboy advacnes(sucked bad imo) Dsi,3ds,3ds xl. 

  7. i think this guy was layed off long ago. he's far to old and boring for ign. WHERE THE HELL IS GREG!?

  8. do you guys remember those table top things but a little newer from the early 90's  I never had one but occasionally saw other kids playing it and was so jealous. But at least I had a gameboy later on and a super nintendo 🙂

  9. HAHAHAHAHAAHA CRACK ADDICTION FOR KIDS! YES! that was awesome! but looking back at it now your right! every kid in school had his face buried in it as much as they were allowed.

  10. that would make it more successful than the ps2

  11. What's the legal drinking age in America?

  12. actually the ds did get more it got over 150 million the game boy got 118 million so stop trying to be smart and check the facts.

  13. Hello I have gameboy reviews if you want to see click my profile icon

  14. I kinda liked the original Game Boy Advance model. I guess I can always get somebody to give it a backlit screen.

  15. I think it's time for the gameboy to make a comeback

  16. 1:13 that music hit me right in the feels, the gameboy is still the best handheld ever made, in my book.

  17. 1/10 where the hell is the virtual boy he's still part of the family, it was even made be the same guys

  18. Oh, I'm so offended by use of the word boy. That's discriminating against girls.

  19. I live a sad life, I am 12 years old and I play games from 1985 thro 2005 ):

  20. 80s-2000s was on of the BEST era f handhelds 🙂 im glad to 12 kinda i still have all my gameboy items xD

  21. i regret selling my sp when i got a ds lite (that fell in a sink) so now i have a 3ds xl and that cant play gba games, so i got a gba (the origanal model not the sp) and its not backlit 🙁

  22. where's game boy light?
    and game boy camera?

  23. It wouldn't be called the Gameboy if it was made today. People these days are butthurt by everything.

  24. I'm going to collect all the different Game Boys. So far I have the Advance SP and Pocket.

  25. There was a Ps4 ad before this video. The heat is real.

  26. I got the gba sh with some weird black pattern on the back, what is it.

  27. whats awsome is that i can play every pokemon game on the Nintendo Gameboy advanced SP witch is bacicaly the modern day age Gameboy.

  28. SP is still AWSOME today and you can still buy it thats awsome!

  29. Reply if you still have the gameboy advance sp!

  30. I remember those days playing my Gameboy Advance 🙂

  31. Not sure if I'm just being stupid, but is that what appears to be Pokemon Gold/Silver on the GBA (or with GBA graphics) at 4:45? Isn't that game only for the GBC?

  32. I still have the original game boy , game boy color ,game boy advance and game boy advance sp! 😀
    love those little machines, so many good games on all of'em!

  33. The SP model is CRAP design. The original GBA is orgasm!!!!

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