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He’s *FINALLY* in Fortnite!

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NEW Fortnite Season 8 Chapter 2 Update added the Season 8 Battle Pass, which we expected to include the Naruto Skin, but it appears to be missing? Today we talk about what REALLY happened with the Fortnite Naruto Skin, and when we can expect him to come to the Fortnite Item Shop.

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➡️️my most embarrassing fortnite clip 🤣

➡️️if you remember this, you’re a Fortnite OG

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  1. I hawe subscribed😊 can i get gifted the battel pass?😊

  2. Can I have the battle pass my user name is killer Dash gamer 43

  3. I don’t think Naruto will arrive this season people was so hyped and in big exceptions but it’s was all lies. So maybe next season or in short future

  4. Have you even watched Naruto I’m just asking

  5. Your really pissing me off saying NAGHROOTOH

  6. I wmat battle pass, username is cryogenix1234

  7. i love the vids im subscribed with notifications can u gift me fortnite_pro_ki love your channel so much

  8. I have the battle pass so don't try gifting it to me

  9. Can you plsss gift me the battpass I’ve sub and liked the vid my username is djonyoblock

  10. Feels like I'm getting stab every time he says naruto's name wrong

  11. Lmao its Gonna be so cringe to see fortnite kids think The Naruto anime Was copying fortnite like what happened with Master Chief.

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