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HE’S BEHIND YOU! – Scary games w/The Boys

special edd
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MORE The Mimic on roblox w/The boys.



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  1. lol at 3:12 if you look into the gap in the closet to the left theres something in there and idk what it is. did anyone else see that??

  2. I absolutely love watching him play roblox games that I’ve already played, it’s so funny seeing their reactions compared to mine and my friends 😂

  3. eddie:DONT tell him your age wait do tell him your age then might stop chasing you mully: holy shit! mully;im 25 where is he?

  4. eddie;oh gross dude mully; oooooo look at this eddie; we inside a bootyhole?mully:oh yuck eddie:hahaha

  5. Eddie is starting to pull a “Vanossgaming” and trying to die on purpose for content when it’s just more cringe and obvious than anything😑

  6. “It a ukulele” Boy that’s a biwa 😅

  7. You should play chapter 4 book 1 and book 2 chapter 1

  8. I wonder why its just you and Molly you useslye play with the boys like narootor and juicey

  9. why does mully have to take over and boss everyone around when they play games with him he just ruins all the games #downwithmully

  10. You should play the new game mode called nightmare circus on the mimic!!

  11. Eddie: I did all of that for a shirt !!
    Mully: I bought the shirt dude

  12. The jump scare with Eddie and the window… got me good!!!!

  13. Hey Eddie I have a new game for you to play (It is not on roblox) It is called BBirthday right now i am on 12 years old part 3 its a really fun game and scary at the same time you would probably have to make different parts if you do play the game please make the video so other people can enjoy it .

  14. Me getting angry because you made me read the sign myself – 👄 –

  15. Bruh I laughed so loud when Eddie said someone was getting there cheeks clapped🤣🤣

  16. I love how i can read the code, its chinese 🙂
    I believe

  17. I've been replaying 5:40 and laughing for the past 5 minutes my jaw hurts THE WAY MULLY RAN LIKE THAT

  18. I think Eddie should try to finish chapter 2 and 4

  19. Lmao I slapped my self at the ❤jump scare

  20. I swear everytime Eddie yelled i yelled with him bro😭💀but i love it so much it also feels like i'm on a call with them and i died in the game so now i gotta spectate them😹

  21. I'm late to watchin the vid but the amount of times they gasp in the vid is absolutely priceless

  22. Eddie:someone’s getting their cheeks clapped in the other room u hear that

    Also Eddie:😂😂😂


    Me ahhahahah 😂😂😂

    Loved this eddie

  23. The mimic there’s a lot of demons👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

  24. At 16:27 – you can hear mully moaning and I was looking at the comments and no one noticed it lol 😂

  25. They need to play playground in the woods it’s fun and scary

  26. Me and my friend legit just played the Mimic and I got so scared that I fainted for a few seconds😂

  27. Mully: POV its that time of month
    Mully: Whoops!😅

  28. love your vids keep it up you always make laugh thx


    (I call the guy banjo bob)

  30. i love eaing toquitos while watching this type of sh*t 🤣

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