Grade 8 Boys Volleyball Championship Game 1 -

Grade 8 Boys Volleyball Championship Game 1

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Grade 8 Boys Volleyball Championship Game 1


  1. at 3:30 the set was a double, which was before the net touch, so thats why the ither team got the point

  2. Jesus Christ my grade 8 team would destroy both of them, they're just playing tennis and downballing over the net

  3. yk, atleast blue team can actually "JUMP" when they spike (not to be rude or anything but like they have a tall player and he aint blockin bruh)

  4. The kid in the blue with long hair needs to kid it so his hair does not get in the way

  5. jesus, those guys are crap. only blue team hit a couple spikes. I'm in grade 7 and there is almost no tips on 1st or 2nd touch. Really not impressed, especially that this a championship.

  6. Me and my little brother would slaughter the royals

  7. let's just be honest blue team is just better

  8. I’m also in grade 8 and having a volleyball tournament soon, but people in the comments say they suck and our team would get destroyed by them, so I’m worried

  9. dang no cap they kinda suck they have horrible spikes and barely any rally's

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