Good Boys: Kisses game HD CLIP -

Good Boys: Kisses game HD CLIP

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What’s happening in this Good Boys movie clip?
During a game at the party, Thor (Brady Noon) has to kiss Brixlee (Millie Davis). He refuses to do it and leaves. Max (Jacob Tremblay from Room) follows him and they agree that they must go their separate ways. Max stays and successfully kisses Brixlee.

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What’s the Good Boys movie about?
Max (Jacob Tremblay from Room), Lucas (Keith L. Williams) and Thor (Brady Noon) enter school with their own existential problems. Max is in love with Brixlee (Millie Davis), a girl who doesn’t notice him, Lucas suffers the divorce of his parents and Thor can’t stand teasing from his classmates about his love for singing. But something is coming: the school party. The teenagers have never kissed a girl before and they have to find a solution about it. Max decides to brave his father’s prohibition to use his drone, in order to spy on his neighbor Hannah (Mollie Gordon) and her boyfriend. In an unfortunate combination of circumstances the drone is destroyed and the boys end up with drugs belonging to Hannah. They use the drugs as a bargaining chip to get the drone back but Max’s father is furious when he discovers that his son has used his drone. Max claims total responsibility but the teenagers they split up after a fight. On the night of the party Lucas convinces Max to attend the party while he and Thor go to see Lily (Midory Francis) and Hannah. Max succeeds in kissing Brixlee and Thor finds in Lily a friend who encourages him to persevere in his passion for singing. Thor eventually gets the role of Stacey Jaxx in the school’s amateur production, Lucas joins the school’s anti-bullying group and Max joins the scouts. The musical is a success and the three friends promise each other to never be apart again.

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  1. 0:34 I would've slapped Atticus in the face and tell him to stop being a jerk

  2. The dude who kissed brixlee: brixlee can I kiss u

    Me: FishGameSus has left the server cause he cringed to hard

  3. The brown guy said to ask for kiss and Max didn' it lol

  4. hold up hold up boi does she like you? Because she did the plane old “okay”LIKE YOU CANT JUST SAY THAT TO A GIRL LIKE BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII but you got your first kiss AYYYYYYYYYY

  5. LMAO she went from a little kid from odd squad to kissing people in movies

  6. 🥰 awww I have a crush on Jacob he’s 🥵

  7. Yo remember that scene when they fought the frat boys and Thor said “MAX WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING” so dramatically it was hilarious😂

  8. Thats funny does anyone know that that's ms o from odd squad

  9. I like this movie clip the kissing game of good boys team Christmas spirit my name is heather ha jojo Johnson

  10. I'll be asking if I did that I'll be so so scared like I'm I would not even do that I would just like just run away and say to my friends I did have a friend I'll just say no I'm not going to the I'm so

  11. After I Kiss Someone I'm So Embarrassed

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