Good Boys: Kisses game HD CLIP -

Good Boys: Kisses game HD CLIP

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What’s happening in this Good Boys movie clip?
During a game at the party, Thor (Brady Noon) has to kiss Brixlee (Millie Davis). He refuses to do it and leaves. Max (Jacob Tremblay from Room) follows him and they agree that they must go their separate ways. Max stays and successfully kisses Brixlee.

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What’s the Good Boys movie about?
Max (Jacob Tremblay from Room), Lucas (Keith L. Williams) and Thor (Brady Noon) enter school with their own existential problems. Max is in love with Brixlee (Millie Davis), a girl who doesn’t notice him, Lucas suffers the divorce of his parents and Thor can’t stand teasing from his classmates about his love for singing. But something is coming: the school party. The teenagers have never kissed a girl before and they have to find a solution about it. Max decides to brave his father’s prohibition to use his drone, in order to spy on his neighbor Hannah (Mollie Gordon) and her boyfriend. In an unfortunate combination of circumstances the drone is destroyed and the boys end up with drugs belonging to Hannah. They use the drugs as a bargaining chip to get the drone back but Max’s father is furious when he discovers that his son has used his drone. Max claims total responsibility but the teenagers they split up after a fight. On the night of the party Lucas convinces Max to attend the party while he and Thor go to see Lily (Midory Francis) and Hannah. Max succeeds in kissing Brixlee and Thor finds in Lily a friend who encourages him to persevere in his passion for singing. Thor eventually gets the role of Stacey Jaxx in the school’s amateur production, Lucas joins the school’s anti-bullying group and Max joins the scouts. The musical is a success and the three friends promise each other to never be apart again.

Credits: © 2019 Universal Studios

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  1. This was posted on my birthday

  2. Hmm my classmate Anthony

    No or max OH YES PERFECT


    Reason I put Anthony: he looks so much like Jacob

  3. Can’t believe it’s been 2 years ago already since this movie came out where did time go jeez😱

  4. Just for Fun > Role Association: We see Jack Newsome and Esme & Roy's voice actress are kissing each other.

  5. Oh this is cute but when it comes to Luca and Alberto they say “they’re just kids and this is a kids movie” LIKE- THE DOUBLE STANDARD BRO

  6. the best quote ever "Oh,my God. This is the most dramatic thing I've ever seen."

  7. Why didn't you give Quinn Pakota any credit?!?!?!?!

  8. This dude wearing a chain in 6th grade thinking he is something lmfao

  9. It's funny, every time I see Millie Davis I think of Ms O from Odd Squad. It's as if she retired and lived the rest of her life as a normal kid😂

  10. I want that Jacob Tremblay when he Will older in the future he Will make love for fake with the actress around his age even Emma Berman in the set 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


  12. The cringe in this movie made my 10 year old self puke

  13. See now brixlee is a keeper cause she twice his size and doesn’t care

  14. That happened once i saw it. typing on my mums acc

  15. Little Jacob Tramblay is soooo adorable🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  16. is that he is not aloud to say the f word cause he a kid

  17. The fact that after the scene where they hold hands he gets his heart broken so badly 😔

  18. My man max I'm in tears😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. 🤍🖤🤎💜💙💚💛🧡❤❤‍🩹❤‍🔥💋💌

  20. Why are they making kids kiss?

  21. it was so satisfying when max snapped back at atticus

  22. Hey there was an old hollywod which i remember the scene is boy and girl get stuck in bathroom,eventually boy ends up kissing girl.
    Any one of you remembee that movie baacallt its teen party at house

  23. I love the end of this video I like how they kiss

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