Girls playing piano tiles vs Boys -

Girls playing piano tiles vs Boys

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  1. Why is his tablet so square its ment to be rectantular

  2. gotta love how the girl is literally playing "at the speed of light"

  3. More accurate title: Average western person vs average Asian person playing piano tiles

  4. the boyfriend isnt even playing piano tiles. hes playing project sekai. is he stupid?

  5. as a rhythm gamer both of these are me, down to the song choice

  6. <– Bloodbath | Peaceful –>

  7. bro isnt even playing the game anymore, bro is perfoming handsigns 💀👌

  8. as a former malody player, that's how it feels when i play a 19+

  9. As a phigros player, I am not joking, that is how I tap on some patterns in Igallta AT. If I do it good enough I can keep my combo for about a hundred more notes which doesn’t sound like much but it helps

  10. Bro is actually the musician of ultrakill ost

  11. The first song is called At The Speed Of Light, by Dimrain47

  12. why is the piano tiles at the speed of light lmaoo

  13. Ignore everything… I think I have a new phobia. That dude's fingers are TALL af WTF.

  14. Oh god I got a traumatic flashback from the second song it's CREEPY AS ALL HELL

  15. Only real men play piano tiles… in OSU.

  16. The guy's hands looked like they were fighting each other instead of playing 😂

  17. Claudivania Metal Gear and Victoria de Angelis Fan says:

    love how both songs has a level to GD (bloodbath and family friendly or something like that)

  18. nah as a girl I can confirm I am the one on the right side

  19. Bro got some world records under
    his sleeve 😂

  20. Boys are better always 🤘🏻

  21. girls:this is so easy!

  22. As a GD player, both songs terrified me when I realised what they were

  23. Bloodbath…?
    is Geometry Dash.

  24. Why do rhythm games have to be in this stupid ass fight 😭😭😭

    Edit cuz I'm stupid: Next time I should read the description

  25. The girls song reminded me of bloodbath I think the song was at the speed of life

  26. That damn song is a nightmare once i heard it in this vid i already knew it'll be hard because of the music i heard it in "Peaceful" level T-T

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