Girls: It's just a game. Boys: -

Girls: It’s just a game. Boys:

Daithi De Nogla
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  1. this is the best christmas gift anyone could ask for

  2. Alternate title:
    GMOD Scary Map
    (Not Really)

  3. “Blue light..” Vaelkyrae drama resurfaces

  4. Im a duppy duper man. You're a duppy doober gang

  5. It reminds me of the scene in the Ocean's Eleven where the guys are arguing about the fact that they decided to called it the Benedict Job but the name somehow was decided to be called Ocean's Eleven.

  6. It’ll be more nostalgic if you do Deathrun

  7. Girls : it's just a game
    Boys: it's a way of life

  8. DUPE.

    (I ain’t no simp. Those e-girls can burn and the white knights can leave the chat.)

  9. Bro honestly I'd buy all the calendars if the group gets renamed to the duped crew and it's a subway styled logo for Brian

  10. Everyone: “I can’t believe they are playing gmod”
    Me: “Dupe”

  11. That SpongeBob mhm reference. Perfect nogla 🤣

  12. I always just called them " the banana bus squad"

  13. What is the best version the optimizer or the oranos

  14. Gmod is more then just a name. It's everyone's childhood who's been here since the og days.

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