Girls in games vs boys in games -

Girls in games vs boys in games

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Just a joke, offended = ugly

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  1. Been away for a while cause of health issue,😝 take care of your body guys!

  2. I can’t with this… It’s so sad, he saved his mates but died in the end. 😢

  3. Man I missed your videos, good to see you back!

  4. It’s okay to cry to this as a man, because i cried. RIP brother

  5. It's been also a long time since I saw you again. What's up?

  6. We boy's need nothing but loyal and caring friend's ❤️❤️

  7. I think he had time to throw it out the window, tho.

  8. Salute to the true bro who sacrificed his life to save his fellow bro's!🖖

  9. my man sacrifices himself for his team mate.. respect ++

  10. Damn who is that btch and what's it's problem .
    What you gonna do with them single ? Have online sx . Push your controller into your vagina ?

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