GIANT LEGO Battleship Game! BOYS vs. GIRLS -

GIANT LEGO Battleship Game! BOYS vs. GIRLS

Shot of The Yeagers
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Giant Lego Battleship Game! We build a Giant Lego Battleship game board and see who will win, Boys vs. Girls. Who will sink all the lego battleships…the boys or the girls?

Jamie (Mom), Steve (Dad), Stephen, Taylor, Payton, Jordyn, Parker and Baby Blake.

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Shot of The Yeagers is a fun family channel where we vlog, prank, and plan fun activities for you to do with your family!

Shot of The Yeagers is a fun family channel where we vlog, do skits, pranks and fun family activities.

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  1. I hope you when boys I hope you lives girls

  2. I know what's the boys the most not the stinky girls

  3. Did you know your words can make or break someone's day??? Always choose to be kind online❤

  4. I love you 😽❤️💘💘💘💘💘💘


  6. Girls you rock and please do another round this is amazing I am a girl and girls rule the World girls rule the World rule the world

  7. No fair girls win and boys lose no fair
    In swap gender land boy win

  8. Go girls! You guys rock! They one fair and square and also, Parker was just being nice to the boys and helping them

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