GHOST HUNTING with THE BOYS | Phasmophobia -

GHOST HUNTING with THE BOYS | Phasmophobia

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Phasmophobia is probably the scariest multiplayer ghost hunting game we’ve ever played! Who’s going to die first?



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  1. Every time I re watch these videos it reminds me just how amazing Lixian is <3

  2. The intro is so frustrating when you know how to play

  3. The game: saying the ghost's name outlod angers them.
    Everyobdy: JENNIFER WHITE

  4. there should be a mode where one person is the ghost and has to lower the sanity meter of the hunters in order to get stronger

  5. Does anyone know what the piano music is at 9:40?
    I've been looking for it for way too long at this point.

  6. I like the part when Wade just screams and just cuts off It’s like actually a movie cut scene So fitting.

  7. "I AINT DYING FIRST AGAIN" famous last words

  8. Mark heading back inside and freezing when he saw the lights in the house flickering like cray was insane! And Bob and Wade's screams on top of it. Big OOF moment.

  9. I can’t believe this video is almost a year old. I’m so sad they didn’t make more phasmophobia videos, it’s such an amazing game. I’m glad it wasn’t over played but I loved this series 🙂

  10. mark: it’s a child!
    bob:a child?!
    mark: oh child gone

  11. No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Me when it’s dark and I’m home alone: it seems like a great time to watch this!

  12. they should just vote one of them to go into the house and the others stay back

  13. lol pro tip don't chant a ghost's name in a dark kitchen

  14. before the 3rd game started the best words i heard where "where all gonna die"

  15. I have only a couple of hours into the game and even for me watching you play was painful. There was a fricking bone right under your noses by the telephone and you didn't even notice.

  16. The lower the sanity the better odds of being killed

  17. I love the added sound effects. It's adds a suspense feeling.

  18. This was hilariously entertaining, subscribed!

  19. No one:

    How hard I laughed and jen-ni-FER~: 10/10 good laugh.

  20. 14:20 Talking about how the coast point of view was is pretty satisfying for me for some reason

  21. I thought Lixan's editing was the actual in-game sounds

  22. how did thanos get the soul stone, gamora is still alive

  23. Boys at 3am lookin for beans meme in the game is totally different from before

  24. Objective: Identify what sort of ghost is haunting the place.
    Mark: Guess what guys there is a ghost in here, we saw it lets go.

  25. She’s a cold, stinky DEAF ghost after y’all came to see her, dang.

  26. I love how he said, guys?.. wades dead!! Open the fucking front door!! Like if it was a real situation to be in. XD that made me laugh so hard 🤣

  27. I have decided to come back to rewatch phasmaphobia for the begining of october

  28. This is the worst use of a UV flashlight I’ve ever seen 😭

  29. It's nice seeing them play the game how the developers thought people would.

  30. All of the boys should play together more

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