GHOST HUNTING with THE BOYS | Phasmophobia -

GHOST HUNTING with THE BOYS | Phasmophobia

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Phasmophobia is probably the scariest multiplayer ghost hunting game we’ve ever played! Who’s going to die first?



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  1. Who else is watching this exactly a year later

  2. I can just imagine calling ghost hunters and getting guys like this showing up xD

  3. You have to play this again! There's a bunch of new stuff and everything looks great.

  4. ayo it’s been exactly a year ( oct 5 2021 as of writing )and i still find this entertaining any one else? :3

  5. Oh my God, today’s the 1 year anniversary of this video!

  6. i watch this every night. it's so well-done 😄

  7. jack: I DIE (radio silence)

  8. Y'all should get the team back together to play this again. There's been a lot of updates since this video and now the game is like a completely different experience

  9. when they were looking for lisa white i herd the word e

  10. When you know so much your like "They fucking dead, they out this ghost gonna be shitting guts for days"

  11. Hey Mark can we me and yooouuu play phasmophobia

  12. Omg at the time 17:02 to 17:04. Idk who is talking but one of them sounds like Zak bagans from ghost adventures.

  13. I love watching newbies play this game lol. It's actually more scary when you don't know the mechanics of the game. IMO this is alot better than watching Insym, sorry Insym I love ya but your god gamer with way too many hours under your belt for this game to be thrilling.

  14. I played the roblox version and my only way of playing it is stacking myself with crucifixes

  15. you look like the squid game character (main character of squid game)

  16. people: spam calling Lisa White

    Lisa: Shut da f*ck up!

  17. Who else thought jacksepticeye was called Jack not sean

  18. 06:07 I almost choked on my food-
    Since I was 12-14 I dream from time to time of a Ghost Girl/Woman and her name is White Jenny. AND NOW I WATCH THIS VIDEO

  19. My god- this was A YEAR AGO already?!

  20. I’ve come back to this for Halloween. I hope this is not a bad thing.

  21. I do wonder how this would be in the Danny Phantom series. Being hunters looking for ghost and having a rare chance at finding one of the characters… maybe having a good and bad Danny. Good Danny would be his usual look but the bad Danny would be the future Dan.

  22. mark being outside while wade and bob were trapped was the funniest thing lol

  23. With all the updates, I think Mark and friends should return for a round or 3.

  24. They should make an EMF reader to talk to ur friends that r ghosts

  25. Bruh I’m pretty sure there was finger prints on the book shelf

  26. Everything is silent then: WANE IS DEAD OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!!!" Killed me 💀😭

  27. Its less fun to play alone tbh(kinda boring)

  28. Honestly this is the scariest episode of phas

  29. "that's what I said no one believes me🙄" marks the nerdy/dad friend kid of the friend group

  30. He looks like the actor from squid game

  31. Seeing Mark use a UV light as a flashlight hurts me

  32. This is not about the vid but in 2000 years will any of us be known?

  33. Drinking game:
    Take a shot everytime they say Lisa white

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