GB Boy Colour Review - Game Boy Color Clone or Cheap Chinese Crap? | RGT 85 -

GB Boy Colour Review – Game Boy Color Clone or Cheap Chinese Crap? | RGT 85

RGT 85
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The Game Boy is an iconic system with many variations, and clone systems have started coming out for it from China. The GB Boy Colour is a Game Boy Color clone system with a funny name, but does it do a good job with playing your Game Boy and Game Boy Color carts? Let’s find out!

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  1. 4:07 Shawn you high if you think that's a power cable 🙂

  2. Or just get a GBA SP 101 model and play your GB, GBC AND GBA games with backlit screen

  3. I still have my atomic purple GB Color. 🙂 I love transparent systems.

  4. A good ripoff console? Am I in a different universe?

  5. hey can u get me a ebay link for ths gbc sytem pls? ) btw great fkin vid again bruh 😉

  6. in Canada it's spelled colour and that's fine for us

  7. @rgt 85 Thanks for the suggestion man love your channel!!!!

  8. Press left on the dpad and the b button at the same time while booting up an original Game Boy game to play it in the original monochrome palette.

  9. If you do not mind emulation I cannot recommend enough the GPD XD. The hardware is well built like single screen and the shape of a 3DS with 2 sticks. It will play N64 and Dreamcast well and pretty much everything before that. The battery life is good and it is the best handheld I ever got. Soon it will be GPD for retro and the Switch I can take to work…

  10. Does anyone know that Kong guy also made a handheld GBA emulator?

  11. Just ordered my crystal blue GB BOY……….hope it arrives soon! This to me is the best console to come out in years. I get to play all of my 553 original Game Boy games in colour (this may take a while)!! Yes the Game Boy is my favourite system edging out the Snes……just!

  12. If you pronounce everything the way it is written, I'd love to know what you make out of words like "Wednesday" or "Knight" 😉

  13. 1:27
    I know your American but, where I live, that's how you spell colour.

  14. Colour is the UK spelling, you have just avoided a subscription 🙂

  15. The built-in game "Donkey Kong" on the GB Boy Colour is a hacked ROM version that was unable to save the game, instead the file select screen is glitched out and you only start the game with one life. The original cartridge version does work as normal on the GB Boy Colour as he showed in the video. (I don't have the Game Boy Donkey Kong Game Pak cartridge btw, I play the built-in games already.)

  16. so if you are looking for a gb color with a front light for cheap this is for you

  17. just bought mine today it's coming to me in three days cant wait !!!!!!

  18. where do you get all the old cartridges for nes,SNES,N64 etc or get discs for GameCube Wii etc

  19. it's not worth it, mine stopped working after two months of me using this

  20. my nana has a orinigal gb but i want a gb colour but on ebay they are hundreds so this is just 40$ so im seeing if its worth it

  21. Really thinking about getting this for the backlit screen, first I should replace my Pokemon Crystal though, it recently died on me..

  22. Mine stopped working after 3 days. Made in China.

  23. Got the neon green one otw, can't wait for it! Even more excited after seeing your review but thumbed up for the Misfits shirt!

  24. Right, "colour"… so how do you pernounce aluminium? Hahaha. "Pronounce things the way they're spelt".. riiight

  25. Can this be charged without AA batteries? I see a charging port, but no one addresses the charger haha.

  26. Got mine today. It really is an awesome bit of kit. The screens superb.

  27. Just remember the blood of the child factory kids is on that thing wash your hands after using it

  28. It isn't your fault you can't spell colour in the US.

  29. Its a quality bit of kit for a clone very surprising i know the screen is slightly off aspect ratio but i can live with that, my only gripe is the joypad it has no nub underneath so if you put pressure on it wile playing it sits down flat and then you have no control, know one mentions this in the reviews for me its a bit of a deal breaker its s shame as the rest of it is pretty good you can get used it tho but you still end up pushing down on it some times and ruining you game.

    I do need to change out the dpad for a game boy one.

  30. can you trade with the system with others?

  31. I've always found kinda funny how knockoff's sometimes have things that original does not …. like the back-light.

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