GB Boy Colour Review - Game Boy Color Clone or Cheap Chinese Crap? | RGT 85 -

GB Boy Colour Review – Game Boy Color Clone or Cheap Chinese Crap? | RGT 85

RGT 85
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The Game Boy is an iconic system with many variations, and clone systems have started coming out for it from China. The GB Boy Colour is a Game Boy Color clone system with a funny name, but does it do a good job with playing your Game Boy and Game Boy Color carts? Let’s find out!

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  1. can you trade with the system with others?

  2. I've always found kinda funny how knockoff's sometimes have things that original does not …. like the back-light.

  3. im getting this in a few weeks, if my boss likes them she said she will pay for mine and start selling them

  4. can it run call of duty modern warfare 2? cuz im having issues with my super nintendo

  5. I like that gameboy because it's got a backlit screen and you can play in the dark

  6. Does it have pokemon red,blue,yellow,gold,sliver in it or any of those?

  7. Technically the way Americans spell colour – without the U, would be pronounced "Col-OOR" they way you're mocking proper English 😉 Col-OUR is how we say it.

    Other than your poor joke, the review is pretty insightful.

  8. Since when in english you read words the way they are spelled?

  9. man your face looks way cleaner with your beard like that xD

  10. Dig the misfits shirt duder. Check out VikingRetro on Instagram please! @rgt85

  11. unfortunately, we are unable to continue the saved game with Pokemon Crystal cartridge (original). you save the game, turn the console off and when you turn it on there is no !continue!, only new game. anyone knows how to fix this? it makes the pokemon game unplayable obviously

  12. Where you born 1985? If so…we're both millenials! 😀

  13. Mommy can i go out and game tonight?

  14. I like the 4:3 aspect ratio of the screen. The shift from 1:1 to 4:3 is a LOT better and easier to accept than 4:3 squeezed to 16:9 or 1:1 to 16:9. Seriously, i'm glad they chose a 4:3 screen for this little sucker. I never thought i'd see the day coming when chinese companies create a clone that is BETTER than the original hardware. But then again, this shouldn't be tough when the original hardware is 19-20 years old.

  15. when the bootleg is better than the actual console.

  16. Can you even play a gbc multicart or any pokemon games on the gb boy?

  17. I have a gba sp 101 but I was wondering should I get this gb boy for my Gameboy Color games? Will they look better on this then stretched on the sp?

  18. I just ordered one based on the reccomendation!

  19. This think isn't that great. It has horrible ghosting and speed issues.

  20. Does this play original Gameboy games only??

  21. The word ‘colour’ is supposed to be spelled with a U. ‘Color’ is just US slang, and the US is the only country in the world that spells it like that.

  22. if that is 'klore' then your game boy color spell 'kaler' for you to pronounce it 'colour'. why the hate? because of grammar

  23. If our chinese overlords allow this in the future I think I'll be okay. I'll learn mandarin.

  24. I like how you can see the gameboy games you can play your games in the dark

  25. Bought one for a trip overseas in case TSA got a little grabby on one of my more expensive handhelds. I love it. Just being a backlit gameboy color makes it worth the price.

  26. colour is the correct and original spelling in english language. the spelling was change to color in 1806 by Noah Webster and you could say the same for many other words like neighbours to neighbors…..

  27. Before the game starts you should hit B and the directional buttons it will change the colors and you can have it to Black and White perfect for when you are not playing Gameboy Color games but regular Gameboy games

  28. If you enjoy street fighter I recommend street fighter alpha dream warriors it’s fun

  29. It actually says colour

  30. Wow I remember your old intro pre-WWE2K on OMG ITS STEVEY RICHARDS!!

  31. I have been thinking of getting one now, great video. Thank you, David

  32. tries to make fun of English

    Mkaes a mistake and pronouncing it Engrish

  33. I wonder what toy story racer would look like because it's 3d

  34. Take it apart and plug a gba cartridge in it and see what it does

  35. I have mine! It's a nice cheap Gameboy clone! The color backlit screen is a huge improvement over the original Gameboy and Gameboy color!

  36. I always liked the console. I'm trying to source all the different board revisions of this to try to see what the differences are.

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