Games us boys don't usually play (Roblox trend) #shorts#roblox -

Games us boys don’t usually play (Roblox trend) #shorts#roblox

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If you’re REALLY offended by this video, this video was just a trend lol.

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  1. I hate playing royal high because it is so boring over there and you just win or lose my sister told me to play with her but I said no it is for girls

  2. Atleast you understand what i go through to roast the hell out of cringe idiots

  3. Wait a minute…
    I got played adopt me 😮

  4. Hell nah ofc girls games, All Girls Pov's:Yes, slay🤑💅💅, girls power,who the heck cares

  5. I have loads of friends who are boys that play Royal high and adopt me………


  6. I’m a girl and still don’t like these games💀💀

  7. The only thing my avatar was a boy and my sister change it into girl so i change it back then it happened angin after it no longer changed and my avatar was a boy she play barbie with my avatar that was a boy >:(

  8. Wait a minute boy's play adopt and royal high to lol I saw them

  9. Bro half if not more of the adopt me playerbase is boys

  10. Did you mean games that you don’t play as in GigaChad

  11. As a boy i totally disagree I play adopt me and fashion famousr

  12. People who think boys can play whatever they want

  13. Take that back my brother plays some of the games

  14. The only reason I would is if one of my friends played it

  15. Only sigma chads don’t play these games

  16. 🤬im a boy and i play royal high fashion faumus and adopt me😡

  17. 🤬im a boy and i play royal high fashion faumus and adopt me😡

  18. 🤬im a boy and i play royal high fashion faumus and adopt me😡

  19. Also i remember When u did voice reveal So ur not a boy💀💀💀

  20. My cousins play adopt. Me and Royale high well in the past Royale high

  21. The fact my brothers literally just asked me to play adopt me with them

  22. EWWWWW I hate those games even though I’m a girl they’re just not for me I’m more of a Gothic girl

  23. I know right eeww exsept adoupt me 😂😂

  24. Im not a big fan of adopt me but i play it sometimes

  25. Cheestmembey, you are wrong, Boys also play Adopt Me

  26. Bruh…. That's all girls love to play even a avatar Infront of it

  27. tower Galatica is confirmed to be a dead game for its good detailed and most Importantly LORE. LOGIC. BALANCED.? nah the balancing suc the planet duhovnic is harder then the final planet of nilean


  29. I have seen boys play those games even Youtubers

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