Gameboys | Episode 1: Pass or Play? | [ENG SUB] -

Gameboys | Episode 1: Pass or Play? | [ENG SUB]

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Chapter 1: Pass or Play?

Cairo is raring for a rematch after his sudden defeat in a popular mobile game. But his opponent Gavreel wants something in return.

STARRING: Kokoy De Santos and Elijah Canlas
DIRECTED BY: Ivan Andrew Payawal
WRITTEN BY: Ash M. Malanum

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  1. I realised that this episode has different scenes compare to its same episode in Netflix. Anybody noticed? Anyway wohoo to BL series!

  2. i just started whatchig this and i already love it! i love this kind of funny, non toxic love-hate relationship

  3. Yes sir yes sir once again I am watching it once again actually like this is the 8 th time but I will never get tired of it

  4. I just started watching this bl…. And I was hooked from the first few minutes…. It's so adorable, the cai and gav dynamic. Cai is cutesy and gav is just naughty.
    … I love love love this bl

  5. Yesterday night I completed " like in the Movies"( I still can't get over to it)

    Today I'm gonna complete this!!!

  6. My first time watching this and I love it 😻 sending love from South Africa 🇿🇦

  7. Dahil Wala akong pang bili ng ticket, babalikan ko muna ito hindi nakaka sawa. The best talaga🔥

  8. Jajaja Alarcon es que es como ver el apellido de un compatriota

  9. Nowadays teens are vary straight forward. This Gavrel is sure not wasting any time in flirting with his crush😅😂🤣🤣

  10. Why does Tagalog sound like Spanish/ French? Am I the only one noticing this?

  11. Is this the same as the one on Netflix? Gameboys Level Up edition?

  12. Sa mga gusto ng Full movie mag message lang dito for only 5 pesos

  13. I'm so confused what's happening is it going to continue being like that or what

  14. Arabian people hi 😹🤞hi they talk about Egypt🇪🇬 ❤❤👍.


  16. El comienzo del drama fue un poco extraño (me refiero a como es la personalidad de Gavreel jaja es lo que no me gusto mucho) el drama en si no lo conozco así que le daré una oportunidad 😅 y a ver que.

  17. Ilan Beses Ko na tong Inulit😭😭 Hirap Mag Move on

  18. I finished watching "hello stranger" a few hours ago (my first Filipino bl) and I saw the comments talking about this one too and I thought I should watch it so here I am LOL

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