GAMEBOYS 2 | Official Teaser | [ENG SUB] -

GAMEBOYS 2 | Official Teaser | [ENG SUB]

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  1. There will be season 2 right cuz this part never in the movie

  2. Did I miss something? I watched the movie and I did not see this scene….

  3. omg i just finished watching season 1, it was so good, so many emotions, one of the best BLs in the WORLD……..then i saw this…i'm having serious withdrawal symptoms right now….faster i need to watch season 2!!! what have you guys done to me…help…..


  5. Kakatapos ko lang panoorin yung movie. Wala pala yung mga scene na to. 😭😂

  6. It's not a teaser it's me smiling 2.37 minutes straight 🤣

  7. I'm a new viewer here. Kailan ang release ng season 2? And what about sa movie, ilang movies ang meron sila and lahat ba yun continuation ng buong series? Anyone please! 🙏💜❤️😊

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  9. This is giving me more questions than answers after watching the movie…

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    28 And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.
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  11. I started crying like happy tears. Omg they are so sweet

  12. i watched the movie and the ending was kinda sad but happy at the same time, LDR is real talaga.

  13. Inaantay ko lumabas tong scene nato sa GAMEBOYS the movie eh sa GAMEBOYS 2 pala ito hahaha

  14. I'm wait for season 2, Verry nice bl series in Filipina

  15. I just watched the movie and now I'm sad.. are we also going to get a Season 2 because I need it

  16. I really wanna watch this movie but i don't know where. I'm willing to pay naman para masupportahan sila

  17. I am here again because I'm excited for Gameboys Season 2 after watching Gameboys The Movie twice (LEGALLY)! Let us wait patiently because it is surely worth it! And… NO TO PIRACY for Gameboys The Move please. Support in a good way.

  18. -Baby…

    -Yes, Baby?

    – Baby, please, check on your aunt quickly and come back soon.
    Everyone is waiting for season 2.♥

  19. take a shot everytime they say baby, you’ll def get drunk 🤣

  20. Sana i upload ad din yung movie ng gameboys 2 dto s youtube

  21. !@##$%%^* !!! ANG GANDA NG MOVIE !!!!!! BILI NA NG TICKET !!!!!
    PARA MAY PART TWO TAYO !!! GOD TIER TO !!!!!!! !@#$%%*(()) !!!!!!!


  23. I believe the success of this series is from the fans here in YouTube. Hope AND pray we can still watch here in YT the season 2. more power and God bless to the Idea first company!!!! 😇🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Walang iba walang iba.
    Wala ng hahanapin pa.
    Pag ibig ko sa'yo.
    Sa' yo hanggang sa huli.


  25. R chừng nào ra dj, lâu quá ik

  26. Damn I've been watching BenXJim, Like in the Movie, Hello Stranger, and this.
    These Phillipine BL series literally give Thai BL series a run for their money 😂😂
    They're soo goodddd damnnn it

  27. Why this clip doesnt seen in the movie? Just curious🤔


  29. yesterday i watched for season 1, and today i just watched the movie, oh.. i love the movie so much, it makes me cry in every scenes. The emotional, the conflicts, the romance was totally great. I hope season 2 has lots emotional scenes.
    Love from Indonesia ❤

  30. Mag ka “Babys” san po mapapanood ang Season 2? Hehe

  31. Where I can watch this movie??????? i couldn't find it anywhere🥺

  32. Great actors, actings and story line. Waiting for s2.

  33. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😍😍Please please consider putting on Netflix and season 2 for ''GameBoys : Level – Up please🙏🙏🙏

  34. A movie that is so worth watching! From the story, to casting, cinematography, color grading, and of course the whole film itself was shot beautifully. Thank you for creating Gameboys the movie which made us “kilig”, laugh, cry, mad, and of course learned something. It was really a roller coaster ride of emotions!💙

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