Game Won't Save? How to Change Your Game Boy, NES, SNES, or N64 Cartridge Battery! -

Game Won’t Save? How to Change Your Game Boy, NES, SNES, or N64 Cartridge Battery!

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Did you know that many of your retro gaming cartridges contain a battery that allows your games to remain saved? When this battery dies, your game save files will no longer work.

In this video, I’ll show you how to replace your game cartridge battery in minutes — for your Nintendo Game Boy, NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, or any other system that uses volatile memory storage in its games.

● What you’ll need (direct links to Amazon):
[Game Boy] CR2025 battery with presoldered tabs:
[NES, SNES, N64, Genesis] CR2032 battery with presoldered tabs:
Security screwdriver set:
Soldering iron:
Solder sucker:
Helping hands:

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Game Boy:

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  1. That pokemon game boy game already had a modern replacement battery in place, a better one. It's probably worth checking the voltage of an existing battery before replacing. Cheers,

  2. Mine didnt come with a battery can I still save.

  3. I've replaced my old battery and it will not save how can I fix it I have 3.06 volts

  4. To get the desoldering wick to work you need to put liquid flux on it. Also flux the pad before you solder the new battery on. Heat transfers better and save you from destroying the card.

  5. or you know, you could just use an emulator

  6. "I'm by no means a master" press x to doubt

  7. your video made my google home do a search too listening to your video

  8. i went from being hopeful of recovering my mario golf 64 game data to disappointed again. Dont think ill be able to do this without messing it up somehow haha

  9. Great video, really good explanation with details.

  10. Howchoo can I send my cartridge to you to change the battery? I know this is way out of my skill set.

  11. Great video. Can you actually demonstrate the part where you replace the battery while keeping save files? It was a bit hard for me to follow.

  12. Do nes games still work if u never changed the battery?

  13. how long do these batteries last? like, can I expect that most my snes game saves are gone by now?

  14. I put a new battery on my Zelda Nes n is not saving. I did the same job on my Japanese kirby all start n is saving fine. You know what could be let me know please

  15. I think you put the battery on wrong for the Pokémon game, it should be facing the other way towards the positive terminal.

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