Game Boy: When Boy Met Game - Scott The Woz -

Game Boy: When Boy Met Game – Scott The Woz

Scott The Woz
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Scott’s color blind and it finally doesn’t matter.


Music Used:
“Overworld Map” from Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
“Victory Road” from Pokemon Gold & Silver
“Player Select” from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
“Chai Kingdom” from Super Mario Land
“Muda Kingdom” from Super Mario Land
“Act 2 Part 2” from Ninja Gaiden (NES)
“Music Type-B” from Tetris (Game Boy)
“Bonus Barrage” from Donkey Kong Land
“Route 1” from Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow
“Fever” from Dr. Mario (Game Boy)
“Death Fair” from Castlevania: The Adventure
“Music Type-A” from Tetris (Game Boy)
“Overworld” from Super Mario Land
“Easton Kingdom” from Super Mario Land
“Ending” from Super Mario Land
“Marine Pop, Sky Pop!” from Super Mario Land
“Title Theme” from Game & Watch Gallery
“Route 4” from Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow
“Main Theme Menagerie” from Donkey Kong Land
“Athletic Theme” from Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
“Wario’s Castle” from Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
“Beach Theme” from Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
“Title Theme” from Mario’s Picross
“Gangplank Galleon Ahoy!” from Donkey Kong Land
“Tal Tal Heights” from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
“Surface of SR388” from Metroid II: Return of Samus
“Cut Man” from Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge
“Blanka’s Theme” from Street Fighter II (Game Boy)
“Yoshi’s Theme” from Tetris Attack (Game Boy)
“Green Greens” from Kirby’s Dream Land
“Ending” from Kirby’s Dream Land
“Breakout” from 3D Dot Game Heroes


  1. I have my own Gameboy and I agree it's charming beyond belief

  2. It's cool to hear that the creator of the mother series was the guy who named the Gameboy.

  3. Donkey Kong 94 is probably my all time favorite GB game

  4. I had the Sega one, then game boy color. It was great.

  5. I just now realized Scott covered the Nintendo handhelds in reverse order on his channel. (except for Game & Watch).

  6. So y’all swapped games and insert em in each other’s boys slots. Well… at least you guys were all minors.

  7. Why do I feel like Scott hates Pokemon more than Chibi Robo Zip Lash?

  8. I personally like clicky buttons, like a mechanical keyboard

  9. I like how Scott was more interested in talking about moles than Pokémon

  10. This is proof that Scott is colorblind when he said original gameboy he showed a gameboy pocket and when he said one generation before the color he showed the original gameboy proving that Scott is colorblind and what is red to us is white to him and what is white to us is red to him

    This is a joke also Scott’s favorite color is red

  11. I was already dead from half the jokes and then you killed me again with the Pokémon one.

  12. "Designed with budgetary constraints in mind!" Yet I still see people say even a price point under one hundred dollars was still too much for them

  13. Gameboy sewing machine! Great system 👏

  14. Stick it to the man. Buy a yellow Gameboy.

  15. The gameboy is bulky by TODAY'S standards? You can fit the switch in your pocket?

  16. Why did the gameboys I'm the ads just have large bold letters that said gameboy instead of Nintendo gameboy

  17. "fun on a budget" have you ever brought a switch game?

  18. At least you aren't the kid playing gb. gba. gba games in 2020
    I'm no kid I was 16

  19. This video was made on my 15th birthday July 5th

  20. Battery life and portability, along with the quality of Nintendo's gameplay made the GB the king of the handhelds for such a long time. My best friend had a Sega Game Gear and it sucked. Link's Awakening is AMAZING. The item switching is annoying at first but you get used to it. I think I cried for about an hour at the end of that game. It was so atmospheric and such an epic adventure on such a tiny device.

  21. One of the first thing I thought when I got my first graphing calculator was "This screen's about as bad as a Gameboy"

  22. Scott: I love super Mario land

  23. Link’s awakening was made for the gameboy initially…well kind of. Tezuka and Miyamoto argued a little during Link to the Past’s development. Takashi Tezuka (I think it’s his name) took all the ideas that Miyamoto told him not to do and made a side project on the Gameboy. And then others just helped him and the company eventually said yes.
    I could be wrong though.

  24. i was playing that amiibo game and super mario land's theme played when he mentioned mario land

  25. "It has big meaty buttons that just feel right"
    – Scott the woz ,2021


  27. I kinda wonder if the switch will be the next gameboy-esq monolith. The original is already slated to have a ridiculous lifespan and I could totally see the next big thing being a "switch advanced" of sorts (way more powerful but can keeps the gimmick and can play original switch games)

  28. I remember never wanting to play Tetris because I kept getting frustrated at it but when I played the Gameboy version, I couldn't stop playing.

  29. Escape From Camp Krusty sucked ass. What a piece of shit cheap ass gameboy game. Now gimme TMNT, Six Golden Coins, or Link's Awakening anyday.

  30. I did not expect to see a bald girl with a gameboy on her head today.

  31. Bro street fighter 2 is 30 Dollars 30 GODDAM DOLLARS

  32. 2:52 I always have to be reminded how bad Europeans had to wait to get something. I mean, a year and 5 months later? What the hell did they do?

  33. I got over 35 hours out of my DMG's batteries (based on Pokemon Blue's clock) and finally changed them because I was worried about having the system die while saving. That thing is a trooper.

  34. somone help me out pls

    what's the background music in 22:10

    edit: I figured it out. its the green greens theme from kirby. wich kirby game? Good question.

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