Game Boy vs Game Gear in the 90s! #nintendo #sega #shorts -

Game Boy vs Game Gear in the 90s! #nintendo #sega #shorts

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Which handheld console was actually better in the 90s? Let us know!


  1. this should have been a nintendo commercial

  2. Now it’s retold but with switch and steam deck

  3. Also, gamegear didn’t have megaman( unless you want to pay 2000 dollars).

  4. 😂 fart knocker😂 I've never heard of that before

  5. I remember having Both of these. Game gear was for night time playing and Game Boy was during the day. Ah the good old days.

  6. I had both, and wouldn’t you know it whenever I came to the game gear, the batteries were for back up.
    And I would basically end up taking my Sega genesis power box as the main source of power.

    (I was driven to tears when I accidentally placed both of them in the same bag and the power cord ended up cutting a nice little scratch on my screen 😭)

  7. Had game gear. Had external battery pack, AC and DC adapters. Only way to play

  8. I never had a regular Game Boy, just the Game Boy Pocket, and my mother wound up buying me rechargeable AAAs because I ran through them so fast. As for Game Gear, I had both the house and car adapter, as well as a battery pack.

  9. Dats the melody Smg4 uses in the outro!Nice to know were he got that.

  10. Ah super Mario land. The game no one talks about. My first Gameboy game lol

  11. Still sticking to my word that game gear sonic was trash, I was playing sonic 1 gg and I managed to walk thru spikes without getting hurt, the only good thing to really come out of the Sonic gg was Bridge Zone in my opinion

  12. I'm sorry, which game had better 3D graphics? Donkey Kong LAME-D, or the incredible Sonic FRIGGIN BLAST??!? 😎

  13. Man, I remember having one and it only ever lasted 30 minutes.

  14. I love that it's sonic 2 in his game gear, I just bought a copy of it myself about 2 weeks ago just because of how cool sonic is

  15. I loved my game gear but it pretty much had to be plugged in if I wanted to play anything.

  16. You 2 are both losers. Atari Lynx was where it was at!!

  17. Man I haven't heard anyone (other than myself) say fartknocker in ages.

    With that I shall now provide the origin and history of the insult. When the term was first used it was a derogatory remark towards homosexuals. When having intercourse a man would be knocking on farts. Over the course of time the insult lost it's meaning and became completely meaningless.

    There you go. There's your useless knowledge of the day.

  18. โจ้ รีวิวชิลชิล says:

    😂😂😂 Good bye batteries

  19. “Quit being a fart knocker and get a game gear” Got me rolling on the ground laughing 🤣🤣🤣

  20. sega yeah lets just make 3 sega consoles and just make them the sega but with 3 more games OH and make the system bigger

  21. POV me trying to ignore someone who’s annoying my electronic

  22. I loved the game boy so much it made me hate the game gear for no reason

  23. bro i can’t believe people used to play games before micro transactions 💀💀

  24. Game Gear has a Power Pack or something can’t remember it was called

  25. The fact that he wasn't even playing Mario Land💀

  26. Sega 1991: Hey Nintendo, our portable system is gonna blow your crappy Lame Boy our of the water. We’re gonna last forev-

    Six Years Later

    Headline: Sega Calls It Quits on Its Game Gear System.

    (Nintendo snorts and chortles)

    25 Years Later

    Headline: Nostalgic Game Enthusiasts Discover Old Sega Game Gear Contains Faulty, Leaky Capacitors Inside Its System

    (Nintendo snorts and laughs uproariously)

  27. But can you play the best game of all time; Tetris on it?

  28. Game boy was the best it is best now also it will be a great history for our new generation

  29. For those who don’t know how the game boy is better just because the game gear died, it’s because the Nintendo game boy had 10-15 hours, while the game gear had 8-6 hours of gameplay. Also, the game gear required 6 double a batteries if I remember correctly, while the game boy only needed 4. Also, the game gear was made by sega, so you already know the games on the game boy are better.

  30. Super mario land Gameboy vs Sonic the hedgehog 2 Game gear

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