Game Boy To End All Game Boys Announced - IGN Now -

Game Boy To End All Game Boys Announced – IGN Now

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Just when you thought the Game Boy was dead, here comes the Analogue Pocket, which can play all Game Boy-family games, plus Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, and Atari Lynx cartridges.


  1. I'd rather have my emulators. Who wants to carry around a bunch of old carts with them?

  2. Need to know the emulation performance. I guess that means waiting for reviews next year.

  3. No mention of Metroid Zero Mission or Metroid Fusion on GBA???

  4. I already have a Game Boy that plays all Game Boy games. It's called an Android phone. It holds basically unlimited games in its storage, has a backlight, can be played for hours on end, and the battery is rechargable.

  5. Pokemon Ruby and Sonic Advanced 2 is up 1st for me 🤞🤞

  6. Would be nice if it had a download option. Buying the original cartridges would be crazy expensive! Looks beautiful though.

  7. Guy on the left kinda looks like Bradley Cooper.

  8. 9,500th like. It's literally changed to 5 when I clicked like button

  9. If it has no way to connect a link cable, ill stick to my Gameboy Player and SP.

  10. If I can't struggle by having to play under a lamp or with a worm light then its not for me. Hard pass

  11. I'll stick to my Vita with retroarch. Especially at $200 with no hard drive or rom support mentioned.

  12. LMAO
    These two dads are hilarious.
    Just look at them.

  13. I want one with the dock I hope it’s early next year 👾👾👾

  14. Without emulation??? so it has the actual hardware for all of those devices you listed?

  15. I've still got a GBA SP…

    So… No thanks.

  16. I already have an emulator on my $100 phone. So, pass.

  17. Soooo a question after watching this. The old games like pokemon that have a battery inside the cartridge are still "dead" or unable to save correct? I would love to see this thing with a game boy camera sticking out

  18. Does it support gamecube gba link cable, multiboot, and/or multiplayer?

  19. As a collector of pocket games, this seems very interesting to me.

  20. “The game boy to end all game boys”

    GPD Win 2 “Hold my beer”

  21. $200… and they’re trying to compete with the switch lite and switch? All those games are free to play with the Nintendo online subscription

  22. IGN NOW: Analog is releasing a new version of the Game Boy!


  23. It's cool most definitely but kind of pricey makes me glad I kept all my old nintendo stuff

  24. They threw games at the screen, showed videos of games that already exist & are old, showed video of what looks like a prototype design model.

  25. At my local game store in Japan I can pick up a gbc for like $25…so…

  26. Just buy a New Nintendo 3DS or 2DS XL for like $150 and mod it. Install homebrew. And put GB, GBC, GBA, NES, SNES, GameGear, DS, and 3DS games on it with a 64gb micro SD card. And enjoy. Rather than buying a $200 handheld that limits your gameplay :/

  27. I can play every handheld game in existence with my phone for free. Checkmate

  28. all these "fancy" new features aren't worth the 200$. Just get a Raspberry Pi Zero + Gameboy case, which will cost half the price together.

  29. that doesn’t look like around 3,219 gameboy carts

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