Game Boy To End All Game Boys Announced - IGN Now -

Game Boy To End All Game Boys Announced – IGN Now

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Just when you thought the Game Boy was dead, here comes the Analogue Pocket, which can play all Game Boy-family games, plus Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, and Atari Lynx cartridges.


  1. So here's the deal, you guys keep saying "It's not emulating" but if they didn't port the original coding of the console then by technicality you are emulating the console. Emulating goes both ways, boys. You can emulate a game and you can also emulate a console. I do both for several titles on my computer. And that will be why I will pass on the grossly unnecessary price tag of $200.

  2. Looks like this would block the solar panel on the GBA game called Boktai

  3. How disrespectful when they started throwing thoes around

  4. Golden Sun
    Metroid Fusion
    Metroid Zero Mission
    Fire Emblem
    Advance Wars

    Sign me up bro!

  5. sure I would get if I still had my Gameboy cartridges and if its wasn’t going for 200$ then yea i would consider it

  6. So, I've got Gameboy Game Genie cartridge, which works with Original & Color GameBoy games, right? I want the SNES clone at 0:26, as well as the Super GameBoy cartridge!!

  7. Is wireless linking available.. for example Pokemon

  8. So… does this analogue pocket with a dock work better than… analogue super NT with a super gameboy cartridge?

  9. I don't need that.

    I have my Tiger electronic collection classic 200-in-1 gamechild

  10. love it
    my dream come true…but 200? fking criminal

  11. What would be great is if developers start making “new” games for these consoles.

  12. Really hope this comes soon now that it's 2020. I still have a gameboy advance and the only one game I have is Kirby Amazing mirror, where you can fight Master and Crazy hand and even become Smash Kirby. Been hoping that game would come to Switch but after hearing about this, I'm deciding to keep the game and ended up buying GBA games that won't be available on eShop or PSN I'm guessing. I'll sell the GBA once this comes out.

    Sonic Pinball / Advance 1-3
    Tiny Toons Buster's Nightmare
    Astroboy Omega factor
    Tron 2.0
    Gunstar Super Heroes
    Simpsons Tree House of Horror (only one that's Gameboy regular)

    I was thinking of getting Kirby Tilt and Tumble but I rather see a remake for Switch.

  13. Wish it could’ve been at least $150. The fact that I can legitimately get a Nintendo Switch Lite instead for $200, kind of bugs me.

  14. 199$ for Analogue Pocket and 99$ for Dock fkin kidding me?? IMAO

  15. But can I battle against someone wirelessly with my pokemon silver?

  16. I can play ALLLLLLL those games on my PSP….for free…on a bigger screen.

  17. Pre-order confirmed. Can’t wait to get it!

  18. Can you guys please do something about your camera lens? Its either damaged or not calibrated correctly. David looks like he has been assaulted by Vaseline.

  19. So its a gameboy advance sp? This is useless unless they make one that holds every game rom ever.

  20. Way to go, now all those Game Boy games are broken.

  21. 1 the nintendo swich is in the game boy family
    2 are you saying this is better than the swich

  22. I think I’ll buy it just because it looks cool

  23. Imagine playing Pokemon Yellow in full color

  24. Perfect and I still have all my game boy cartridges from back then.

  25. So it’s basically a Emulator of Gameboy but higher quality and upgrade? To make this game better you need a feature to connect with Players. That’s what made POKEMON fun with your friends

  26. What about gba link cable 2 player games?? How will that work?

  27. Where are we gonna get those cartridges now ?

  28. Or you could just buy a handheld with 1,000 games preloaded!

  29. One Game Boy to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.

  30. How about more respect to the classic cartridges?

  31. Still waiting, just imagine an update to old cartridges that imitate online game experiences on games and saves your data on the console

  32. If you had $200 to spare, would something like this interest you? Or does software emulation do a good enough job of giving you your retro handheld gaming fix?

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