Game Boy Storage and Display (w/Game Dave) / MY LIFE IN GAMING -

Game Boy Storage and Display (w/Game Dave) / MY LIFE IN GAMING

My Life in Gaming
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Try joins forces with Game Dave to find the ultimate solution for storing and displaying Game Boy games.


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  1. I've got all of my GB, Color and GBA games stored in a folder in card sleeve pockets.

  2. Does anyone know how many n64 cartridges fit in order row?

  3. For on the wall I'd consider using one of those deep frames from Ikea. Fairly sure with some thin strips of wood you can make the framework inside one to mount cartridges on the wall.

  4. 4:34 what cartridge holder is that for the gameboy advance games? The ones i have right now are really hard to open.

  5. nail polish rack, such a great idea! those nail salons are gonna have hard time ordering a new rack now with all the gamers buying em off I bet lol

  6. This is excellent for Gameboy carts in particular, but not too stable for the actual consoles. The individual shelves have very little room, so they stand up very straight with only a tiny lip supporting them. Good for display, but if you feel like taking a Gameboy off? Be careful or it all comes tumbling down.

    I've seen some wired racks for Candy boxes in retail that could maybe do the trick though. Gonna see if I can find one the right size.

  7. Does anyone knowna place in the UK to buy those same nail polish stands with the same dimensions? Almost every display solution I hear about, it's just not available in the UK (rosecolouredgaming stands, wholesale cassette tape boxes, nail polish stands etc). Angry!

  8. Wish had a gameboy even if my mom and dad doesn't want me to have one because they said that I wouldn't enjoy it because it needs cartridge and no backlight screen but I saw one from shoope it is modified with a backlight screen and a black screen but they still don't want me to have one wish I was 18😓😓😓😥😥😥

  9. If there's anyone watching this now I recommend watching NesComplex's video on using cassette tape cases for storing Game Boy, Game Boy Color and loose Turbo Grafix 16/ PC Engine games. It's a great watch.

  10. What about those flip through poster displays you see when buying posters at Spencer's gifts or whatever, if you could have sheets of GameBoy games on display? There's got to be a way to do that but have them accessible to grab as well.

  11. That is so beautiful. Hmm…video was uploaded over 3 years ago…I bet the collectors have caused the prices of nail polish shelves to sky rocket…ugh! (/s)

  12. Dam why didn't I find this sooner. I was scratching my head for a solution!

  13. I wonder if Hu cards would look good on thease, it's already painful to buy those

  14. Thanks! I just ordered one and I’ll have it tomorrow

  15. Thanks to seeing this life hack couple years ago, I now have a display for 3ds games w/o a case

  16. Does anyone else find it funny that two collectors of nerdy things are surprised that other people collect nerdy things?

  17. Meanwhile, a coin collector with a display case: "I didn't know people collected Game Boy games so seriously!"

  18. 80 dislike are from women because nail Polish rack use for display gameboy games

  19. This looks like a cool idea and I would have been on board with it earlier but I just bought stuff to make reproduction boxes. If they end up looking like potatoes, I may try this out.

  20. This is cool. I keep mine in a GBC zippered lunch box.

  21. Hardcore collectors, surprised that others are hardcore about collecting other things? LOL.

  22. Looks great! Sadly I have no more space on my walls 🤣🤣🤣
    I guess I have to get the card sleeves…😊🤪

  23. For those who have space for that and just want to store the games dustfree, there are some tea boxes that also fit very well. 😉

  24. uf i have 322 Games Gb not the best one for me XD

  25. There are gameboy colour cartridges holders on esty to display your games just helping people out.

  26. I think the Nail Polisher organizer can also help with the display of Nintendo Switch game Cartridges. Stand them just like you did with original and Game Boy Color games. I think it would fit 2 Nintendo Switch Cartridges in for Size of 1 original Game boy Cartridge. so if it holds 20 original Game Boy Games, it would hold 40 Switch game cartridges instead.

  27. I reprinted and folded the original box art because I like my Gameboy games displayed like literally every other type of game … boxed.

  28. What's up with this game nerds not working out..they look fat or weak..Wont be enjoying your collection for long if you don't take care of your body nerds.

  29. Fyi – Wish has a TON of these cheap nail polish displays.

  30. Is it me or does he sound like Tom hanks

  31. Great solution for storing Handheld games. I store my handheld games in an entertainment center and in a GBA carrier case.

  32. My loose ps3 games look amazing on these

  33. "What are you doing in my house?!?"
    "T H A T ' S N O T I M P O R T A N T ."

  34. I use mine for loose dreamcast discs :^)

  35. The best part was the culmination and build up at 5:10 when the black mage /white mage kissed each other.

  36. Great video, reminds me of top gear, but for a niche nintendo topic. 😄

  37. Meh, I don't "show off" my collection anyway. I have them to play, not to show off. Some simple plastic storage containers from Walmart work perfectly fine for me.

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