Game Boy retrospective: DMG-001 | Game Boy Works #000 -

Game Boy retrospective: DMG-001 | Game Boy Works #000

Jeremy Parish | Video Works
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This update has been a long time in coming, because it’s by far the most complex and challenging video project I’ve ever attempted by my sad little amateurish self. But here we are at last: A retrospective on the Game Boy hardware itself.

I’ve attempted to minimize focus on the system’s tech specs and defer discussion of specific software to those games’ respective retrospectives. Instead, this feature delves into the creative culture at Nintendo that gave birth to the Game Boy, while trying to determine its place in the game marketplace of the 1990s.

Now that this massive endeavor has been put to rest, expect far more frequent updates to Game Boy World — hopefully weekly! And soon we’ll be getting into Atari Lynx as well…

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  1. "Game Gear improved on the Lynx's tech"?!?! What?!

    The Lynx was more advanced than the Game Gear in almost every way except for screen resolution. Sprite scaling and rotating, hardware blitter, built in FPU, larger colour palette, superior audio etc – the Game Gear was a hand held Master System – more powerful than the Gameboy, but hardly more advanced than the Lynx.

  2. Game Boy-turned NES era games design into a solitary pursuit. 2 years after the Game Boy, launched the Super NES would draw fire for the NES obsolete, and moving kids expensive 8-bit libraries.

  3. The point about it being a logical evolution of the Sony Walkman was very salient. Kids growing up in the smartphone era will likely never know the experience of having almost all your technology (your stereo, your television, your video games and your computer, if you even had one of those yet) anchored in physical locations rather than coming with you wherever you went and having the anticipation of wondering just when you could finally get home to your Nintendo.

  4. I really appreciate the insight and amount of detail you put into these videos. Keep up the good work!

  5. This video comes off as incredibly well researched. There are a few things I learnt about the gameboy today.

  6. Huh, never knew about the Turbo Express—if anything, I'd have thought the Neo-Geo Pocket Color would be the one popping in at that part of the segment.   Very good episode.

  7. Nintendo is either the most economical company or the cheapest. It's kind of incredible how they invested in obsolete mid-1970s processing technology and squeezed 20 and 14 years out of it (Famicom/NES and Game Boy, respectively).

    That's making money on a form of technology 30 years after the fact. There's too much competition to get away with that now, but I'm sure they'd like to.

  8. Excellent job. Very much looking forward to the continuation of the series, as well. Godspeed. 😛

  9. I always have a hard time with the GBC, its hard to define it as a sequel to the gameboy, but hard to define it as just an upgrade either. it has faster hardware, it has new features, it has its own unique games. It sits in a unique place between actually new product and upgrade of the old product. Something Nintendo seem to struggle with sometimes like with the DSi and confusion around the WiiU.

  10. This was hands down the best Game Boy hardware and history video I've seen or heard (and I've been listening to your work since back in the 1up early Retronauts days).  Excellent work Jeremy, here's looking forward to more of these videos from you!  I still have my original Game Boy, it still works as well as it ever did and it now entertains my young children who sometimes prefer it over the DS.  If that's not a testament to the power of Game Boy I don't know what is. 

  11. These are incredible. I really hope you continue with the GBA. I'd love to hear about your favorite games for that system as well. Keep up the great work!

  12. That Sega ad. Maybe I'm only one that haven't seen that ad, but damn that is bold and really offensive today.

  13. What game is that at the end there? Looks sick.

  14. I wasn't even aware that Battle of Olympus had been released on the Game Boy! Good NES game 😀 !

  15. As always it comes down to the games and Nintendo was [is?]  the best at making games that are designed well and fun to play. 

  16. Excellent video!  I'll be keeping an eye out for some videos covering GB titles I played back in the day (already saw and enjoyed Super Mario Land).  Hope you have an opportunity to do some more hardware in the future.

  17. This made me smile "dodged enough bullets to belt-feed an M2 Browning" Somehow the reference seems out of character for you, I couldn't tell you why.

    Keep up the good work.


  18. So true that the DMG was indestructible hahah

    But my DMG's screen does not want to work anymore! 🙁   It turns on and sometimes i see some lines on it… I can hear the music and all… any ideas?

  19. My fav line: "Game Boy was a K car". Well played. Seriously, this is really well written and produced; I'm super impressed. Subscribe activated.

  20. Maybe you can help me find a game I used to love and have long since lost. I don't remember the story too well, it was a fantasy-adventure game, top-down perspective. You controlled a character, some sort of knight (?). I remember there was a black knight you needed to get a specific sword to even damage, and some sort of spell you could cast to place a bridge that would collapse after you stepped off it. The A and B buttons could be binded to spells (or sword use?) as you wanted. I remember there were boats you would walk into and they would go in a straight line to nearby islands. Any idea what game it is? This has been bothering me for years.

  21. You sir are my hero. Can't wait until you get to Quirk The Chilled Tomato

  22. I'm here from listening to retronauts for a year. This is a great vid! I will definitely be checking out other ones in the series.

  23. 8:30 VERY poorly edited here. you should have showed an actual gameboy game showing motion blur (mario land is a good example). i myself HATED this problem especially on games like super mario land. even tetris was bad and annoying because the blocks would blur as they moved down but action games were the worst.

  24. 5:46 is this your guess or something sourced from Nintendo? I've been wondering where the name comes from for a while now

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