Game Boy retrospective: DMG-001 | Game Boy Works #000 -

Game Boy retrospective: DMG-001 | Game Boy Works #000

Jeremy Parish | Video Works
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This update has been a long time in coming, because it’s by far the most complex and challenging video project I’ve ever attempted by my sad little amateurish self. But here we are at last: A retrospective on the Game Boy hardware itself.

I’ve attempted to minimize focus on the system’s tech specs and defer discussion of specific software to those games’ respective retrospectives. Instead, this feature delves into the creative culture at Nintendo that gave birth to the Game Boy, while trying to determine its place in the game marketplace of the 1990s.

Now that this massive endeavor has been put to rest, expect far more frequent updates to Game Boy World — hopefully weekly! And soon we’ll be getting into Atari Lynx as well…

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  1. I hope that reach mahjong game is the remarkable one instead of meh one!

  2. I'm just wondering why they gave the GB a wave channel in place of the triangle wave.

  3. When I thought this video couldn't get any better, the rare Atari Lynx edition 1957-1958 Cadillac El Dorado Brougham made an appearance.

  4. Nintendo does handhelds well. Good quality games, low cost & nigh indestructability.

  5. Nintendo's NES and Game Boy helped put Nintendo on the map in terms of dominating their respective fields for years before everyone else either caught up to them or even surpassed them in popularity. I'm curious to think what the gaming scene would be like without Nintendo's influence, even in countries (i.e. most European countries) where Nintendo was not as widespread or successful.

  6. It's also interesting to note how the Game Boy's flaws didn't prevent it from being a success… Kind of like how the perceived flaws of the Switch didn't stop it from being a big hit initially.

  7. Why do people hate Jeremy? All of the vids I've seen by him are fucking awesome

  8. OMG! The Ten Billion! I had one of those! But I had no idea it came from Nintendo, much less that it came from the mind of Gunpei Yokoi!
    For some reason this makes me so happy! 😀

  9. i was triggered by the crap tetris playing.

  10. You're quite correct about the durability of the original Game Boy. As a matter of fact, one just system even managed to survive the Gulf War.

  11. Have you ever played a game called Nobunaga's Ambition for the Gameboy?

  12. I can't wait for my next opportunity to use the phrase "filthy lucre."

  13. Could you tell me the name oft the game at the end oft your Video? Some Kind oft bionic commando with a female player caracter.

  14. I think the reason why I love and continue to love the Gameboy is much the same for the Atari VCS/2600; pure, simple, unabashed fun

  15. If you go to the Nintendo Store nearby the Rockefeller Center in NYC, you can see a game boy that survived a bunker being blown up around it during the Gulf War in working condition.

  16. The ruggedness of Nintendo hardware was always something I admired, and was sad to lose in the Switch. I think the Switch is perfectly fine hardware-wise, but it lost something in the "feel" and even aesthetic of Nintendo hardware imo. It looks nice, like a modern tablet device, but I don't think Nintendo when I see it. And it's definitely not as sturdy as their previous handhelds and consoles.

  17. I still remember the time I brought up gunpei yokoi with someone back in high school, he then told me about how he got fired from nintendo after making the virtual boy and the game girl (what).

  18. In Japan:
    Game Boy: exists
    Horse racing, Pachinko and Mahjong games: It's Free Real Estate

  19. Really interesting. Terminator bit was funny

  20. I can't skip a video, because every single one gives me new information in ways I wouldn't have guessed. Unlike other channels, where I hear all the same info regurgitated back to me over and over. Be proud of your work, it's great.

  21. Vinny from Vinesauce on Twitch just went on about you being a favorite of his. To about 6K viewers btw so prepare for subs 🙂

  22. I almost wonder what would've happened if that project atlantis went further. I never noticed this before but that prototype has 4 face buttons, which would've made it better compatible with snes titles than the gba was. IDK why but for lttp I always wondered growing up why the gba didn't have 4 buttons….I never knew the snes existed for the longest time(I skipped from nes that my dad had and I played growing up to n64), and somehow knew something was missing control wise. That is the oddest feeling in the world

  23. K Car haha 1997 senior auto auto shop had a green drop top K car…Aries I think. Memories haha

  24. Nothing else like it?
    The Atari Lynx launched within a month of it.
    Sure it's ultimately a less practical system, given it's bulk and poor battery life, but still…

  25. The Z80 was pretty effective on the ti 8x calculators… back in the day

  26. Game boys can survive warfare, but not me throwing it at a wall after dying in Wario? WTF?

  27. The Handy was a remarkable achievement; not only was it the first colour handheld, it had an almost unheard of colour pallette- 4096 colours, and it could display all of them simultaneously! It was also the first game console to have a dedicated blitter, math coprocessor and hardware sprite zooming and rotation. David Needle, the hardware designer, said that he could had made a system with more than one million displayed colours but the technology was too expensive at the time.

  28. The handheld systems was truly the best thing that came from Nintendo.

  29. at 12:27, what's the game on the lower left? that particular kamen rider and villain stood out to me.

  30. I really enjoy your videos, but occasionally encounter something not quite right. 2:50 —in what universe was Game Gear an improvement on Lynx’s tech? Lynx had hardware sprite scaling, amongst other cool features. Lynx was pretty much the most technologically advanced handheld until GBA arrived. I suggest checking out Warbirds, Steel Talons, and Battle Wheels in an emulator.

  31. I hope they make a game boy classic that's game boy pocket sized

  32. The design philosophy of the Gameboy shines trough all other systems that where successful, don't have the fastest or the most polygons but use tried and tested technology to generate fun experiences that will life on forever.

    I just wish they weren't such pricks against their creative fanbase, AM2R and Pokemon Plutonium comes to mind here.

  33. I really don't know why they chose the Z80. Why not stick with the 6502? Both the Z80 and 6502 were the same generation and were both commoditized. And Nintendo was using another 6502 derivative for the Super Famicom.

  34. The last GBC game in the US was Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets.

  35. The game boy is the best handheld console that ever lived. 😀👍🎮

  36. I read somewhere that Gunpei actually planned a more humble version of the Game Boy, which I can't even imagine, I can't imagine the point of a machine like the Game Boy but with even less specs, coming out at that time.

  37. I think that there was a Gameboy that a soldier took with him during the Gulf War that survived taking a shrapnel hit and could still run.

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