Game Boy Pocket Review -

Game Boy Pocket Review

Austin Evans
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In this video I review the Game Boy Pocket, the first major overhaul of the Nintendo Game Boy system. I show off the screen and compare vs. the original Game Boy as well as the Game Boy Color.

Intro music by Kevin MacLeod.


  1. So… I know this can play gameboy games, but what about gameboy color games?

  2. I don't know who the hell you are and this is the first video I've ever seen from you, but from your sub count it looks like you've come a long way and thats really cool :^)

  3. I just have one question. Will this take color games

  4. 9 years later, he looks so different


  6. Gameboy pocket I have the red one but I don't use it so the charger I lost it and the games I don't know where it is right now

  7. 8:44 why is the d-pad so much higher on the no-powerlight version? are the buttons different?

  8. Ilkthegamboycoloritwasilotifunymyfraitgamwaspokomon

  9. Theh size is great. AAA batteries is great. The "ghosting" is awful. The "ghosting" is just as bad as it is on the original gameboy. I am selling this model back on ebay and getting a gameboy color. The ghosting almost non-existent on that (my brother has one).

    Unless you are a collector, do yourself a favor and buy a GBC.

  10. 2019 anyone not for likes just want to see

  11. Remember how Logan smashed one of these against the ground soo cold

  12. Why is the game boy and Gameboy pocket looks like the screen is shifted to the left while the game boy color the game is perfectly centered…

  13. I have the black one with the battery light.


  15. Right now would be the perfect time to play sanctuary garden at 21 seconds

  16. I never knew Austin had wild hair like that

  17. I just got me a Pocket, the original variant without a power LED. It's the transparent model, like the one my grandparents have (except theirs has a power indicator). I just use an FM transmitter with identical power requirements as a battery indicator instead. I wanted one without that light because it'd be kind of cool to have the very original release, and it'd be that much different from all my other models (Game Boy, Game Boy Light, GB Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Micro, bottom half of a DS Lite, etc)

    I've also seen in forums online that backlight mods and Game Genies, as well as other kinds of peripherals, drain the power like mad (it can be dead in minutes in extreme cases where these things are combined). I guess using AAA batteries was a mistake, but then again they still provide decent enough battery life when playing games normally, and it feels kinda cool almost to have that limitation for external devices like a Game Genie, because then it feels almost like an upgrade just to buy an original Game Boy to use it with XD the Game Boy Light would probably work well enough with it too, I can't be certain.

    Based on its battery life, despite using smaller batteries and half the amount, if you played this system with identical play time to the original Game Boy, you'd end up spending more money on batteries for the Pocket than the original. Original version gets 30+ hours on average, while the Pocket gets 10. AA and AAA batteries cost the same in most stores, and to get 30 hours out of the pocket you'd have to buy six batteries instead off our like with the original.

    I gotta say, them rechargeable AAA batteries are one heck of a lifesaver. And AA batteries even come in USB form now. Who'da thunk it? Although a bg problem with those, concerning battery life, is that their voltage doesn't decrease over time, so the battery indicator would stay bright down to the last second of playtime. Best to use those on the later Game Boys that didn't have a fading power indicator, or best to use on a GB Boy Colour, which has a power LED that's only red all the time and never dims no matter what (just there for decoration I guess).

  18. Holy crap!!!! I clicked on the first GameBoy pocket review I saw and had ZERO idea it was an Austin Evans video. Awesome hair 👍

  19. Let’s all come back to this when it gets recommended to us in 10 years

  20. I love these reviews, because you don’t have crazy lighting, and you know exactly how the lighting works.

  21. Who the hell is Dunkin'? That his old rap name or something?

  22. Wait… what was his last name again?? It’s different from the name now?

  23. The geeks who drag on about not being able to see the screens never go out in the sun, so thats understandable

  24. my gameboy pocket actually was the launch model, so it had no power light. I actually use it so much , that there is a spot where there the paint rubbed off.

  25. goddamn, youtube recommended has been giving me this for like 3 weeks

  26. I want to buy the green one. Can YOU sell it to me

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