Game Boy Pocket Raspberry Pi Zero W Gaboze Pocaio -

Game Boy Pocket Raspberry Pi Zero W Gaboze Pocaio

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In this video, I take a look at this awesome Raspberry Pi Powered GAme Boy Pocket using a Custom PCB called the Gaboze Pocaio by 32TEETH.

The PCB will be available In June for $60 on Tindie

GitHub Page:

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Extra Components Needed:
Gameboy Pocket Shell:
GameBoy Pocket Glass:
Raspberry Pi Zero W:

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  1. this is cool & sleek; only thing I don't like is how underpowered the pi zero is.. though I suppose it is fine for NES and Gameboy emulation. actually it could also do non-action GBA games decently like Pokemon Green Leaf (I build a Pi Zero from a DMG shell)

  2. can i do emulator in this like
    snes nintendo gameboy gamboy advance etc?
    or 3ds games?
    how many games u can hold in this system?

  3. adventure island 2 still the best and still my fav.

  4. 60 bucks for some plastic and a few cheap components and it doesn't even include a raspberry. that's a total ripoff
    I'd rather order all the parts separately and make it on a test brick or something. you could probably get everything including the raspberry for around 60 bucks..

  5. If I pay you could you make me one and send it

  6. Would you sell one of these and if you would, how much? I just don't have the spare time to build one but would like one to own. A four button preferably.

  7. I’ve got a limited edition ice blue game boy pocket I’ll do this to! It’d be great if he came out with a cm3 model!

  8. If the battery compartment was removed, you could put a larger battery along the entire back side. Just make new bottom screw mounts…like a perfboard bridge with screw holes to hold it together

  9. You need to check out river city ransom on steam. I know you love beatem ups

  10. I greatly disagree with mutilating a pokemon yellow cart for this build. But it looks good.

  11. cool, there's even some room in the old battery compartment to hide my… broccoli. yeah.

  12. Why do they sell these not fully built? That's like selling a half eaten box of pizza.

  13. Most importantly which image do you use for pi zero w configured for this board? is there a link? which image of retropie did you use for yours? Was is the official Gaboze Pocaio image off the creators website? Tindie has not mentioned if the Pi 0 W is compatible with his official Image. This info is very important my friend as some have flashed retropie only to find out that its not supported on pi 0 w.

  14. Just ordered one! Thanks for your detailed video, it was super helpful in making the purchase.

  15. Game Boy Pocket Raspberry Pi Zero W Gaboze Pocaio or Odroid Go? which one do you like more ignoring the price difference. which one performs better and overall feels better while gaming?

  16. Would it be feasible to buy the PCB and put in a larger display? I'm hoping to custom make a panel cover and up the display size to 3 or 3.5 inches.

  17. Adventure Island 2 is so underrated
    awesome game

  18. Having trouble booting up the raspberry pi after soldering to the pins. I have a white screen and nothing else loads. Was wondering if anyone had the same problem.

  19. I hate that I’m late to this project, I definitely would have gotten one

  20. May I request for the gaboze pocaio round 1image?

  21. Do you know if it works with raspberry pi 3?

  22. Could you do this inside a gameboy color case?

  23. Seems like I got here too late, the GitHub Repo is empty and the Tindie site is gone as well…

  24. Great video! I would love to build one using the original, unlit screen though. That way the batteries last much longer.

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