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The Gaming Historian talks all about Nintendo’s Game Boy Player. In 2003, Nintendo released the follow-up to the Super Game Boy, the Game Boy Player. A device for the Gamecube, the Game Boy Player could play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games. Is it the best way to play Nintendo handheld games on your television? Find out!

Check out My Life in Gaming’s episode on the Game Boy here:

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  1. I have a Japanese gameboy adapter but no disc will a american start-up disc play on my american gamecube?

  2. this is basicly just a nintendo switch before the nintendo switch

  3. Love the background music from Pokemon card game from the Gameboy pocket.

  4. When I was younger I wanted one of these for my gamecube. I know they have virtual console game's and subscriptions to play old game's now but I would like if they made something like this for the switch.

  5. When I was 15, I bought the GameCube bundle at Circuit City. I don't recall the price much, but it was an awesome bundle… GameCube + Extra Controller + MemoryCard + your pick of 1 of 4 GameCube games + Game Boy player

  6. Can you use the Gameboy player to trade Pokemon like Red/Blue and Gold/Silver??🧐
    I'm asking for a friend 🙄

  7. My friend had one of these and I was so envious… I still think back to those times sometimes.. just sitting on the carpet and playing GBA games on a CRT was so cool~

  8. I still can't get over how the start-up disc is the rare item.🤣

  9. 5:24 the video cartridges are so low res that who would would go through the trouble ofwanting it

  10. Can anyone point me to some good instructions on how to set up the home brew to get this amazing thing going?

  11. How does the two Zelda games linked with a cable work with that?

  12. Gameboy Player also features input lag and inferior audio quality.Not a recommended way to play GB GBC or GBA games today.

  13. What is the name of the song at 0:45?
    I was looking for it for over 2 years and could only find it on this and a throrok video

  14. For me, putting handhelds into a stationary console is a pointless endeavor. Doing it the other way around however brings console gaming to a new level.

  15. I still have the disc and player also the gold toyrus n64 all with boxes mint

  16. I loved this attachment. It allowed me to play my Gameboy advanced games on my television

  17. I just bought a GameCube foe the first time ever and I'm so glad to know about this!

  18. 02:16 we actually got the purple version over here in europe (switzerland)!

  19. When you really think about it the Nintendo switch is the culmination of everything Nintendo is done with their consoles and handouts

  20. Kingdom hearts chain of memories gba would be so fun to play on the big screen. I definitely want a GameCube player one day.

  21. Super gameboy made it so you didn't need to first locate a light source to be able to play

  22. The N64 transfer pack was an awesome piece of tech in my youth

  23. One of the most sobering realization I'm copying with is I'm older than the modern internet

  24. I owned the N64 transfer pak for pokemon but never owned the gameboy player. smh.

  25. If I had had the GameBoy Player when I was a kid, that timer definitely would’ve come in handy, as my parents would only let me have 20-30 minutes of game time a day.

  26. Let me guess, the commenter is 12 years old. 🙄 Juveniles being juveniles.

  27. Just my nobody’s opinion here, but you may be stuck in the world of 5-10 years ago. Back when meetups were hot, when YouTube tutorials weren’t dime a dozen.

  28. Man, they could prevent so many losses with a no smoking policy

  29. Whats not to love about the gameboy player? The price nowadays thats about it…

  30. These GBA players are going for 250$

    Just picked mine up for 50$, probably never gonna use it tho

  31. If I had been "an adult with money" in the early 2000s, I would have been nintendo's favorite customer. I'd buy everything from the original gba, to the GBA sp, to the Gameboy player for GameCube. As well as other dumb or unnecessary things like the e-reader, the wireless wave bird controller, and BOTH pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.
    I remember when my brothers said it was dumb to have something like a Gameboy player just because we already have Gameboys : /

  32. ChromxRobin And CorrinxCamilla Lover And Supporter says:

    ………………I need to get this.

  33. I had the GameCube add-on and don’t know where it went, but I don’t have the GC either. Oh well. I’ll get my library built up when I can afford it later. I loved that thing.

  34. Does the Gameboy Player allow you to play multiplayer GBC and GB games via the GBA Link Cable?

  35. The outro made me think I was watching a show on PBS from back in the day lol

  36. I remember using the Gameboy Player on my mother's GameCube and she didn't have the startup disc for it but I was able to use it without the need for the disc, and this was in the early 2000's when the internet wasn't that easily accessible

  37. Who else is watching this in 2023?

    This is the first YouTube video I’ve seen this year

  38. Great, now I really want a Gamecube and Game Boy Player. I just got a Game Boy Advance and a BattleBots: Beyond the BattleBox cartridge off of eBay and the screen is hard to see without the light. No doubt the backlight stuff people sell online would be cheaper, but still

  39. the homebrew start up diskless method is illegal

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