Game Boy Play It Loud Review -

Game Boy Play It Loud Review

Austin Evans
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In this video I review the Nintendo Game Boy Play It Loud. The first Nintendo handheld to offer different colors, the Play It Loud was the last model of the original 1989 Game Boy before the Game Boy Pocket was released.

Intro music by Kevin MacLeod.


  1. what is the pokemon game u played? the charizard one?

  2. @morrisjordan117 nooooo it's just pokemon red. fire red was for the GBA two completely different consoles 🙂

  3. i colud fit my origional gameboy in my poket when i was 7 and my hands could bearly fit in my pokets oh and by the way just search LSDJ on google and i've sceen them for $3

  4. good video, i subscribed, im confused, is this the gameboy pocket, original or light, is it a different modle then

  5. @RedSpectrumPictures It's basically an original Game Boy for all intents and purposes.

  6. @duncan33303
    ok thanks, i might still get it as im trying to get all models of gameboys into my collection,im gonna pm you to speak about collections

  7. I have a Play it loud too I believe. It's Black.

  8. I got the same play it loud clear i got it five bucks flea market in a unoppend box

  9. i have one. its the gray one. i have 2 games for it. super mario land and the gameboy camera. and i plan on getting more games for the gameboy.

  10. @VaderJacobs123 You have to buy a new screen really.

  11. @superbob975 You should get Metroid 2, it's dirt cheap like most gameboy games these days, but it's an awesome game.

  12. @VaderJacobs123 There's not much you can do really, it just tends to happen old Game Boy screens I've found.

  13. @duncan33303 Well i saw that if you take the gameboy game when the gameboy is on, the dead pixels come…

  14. I have one of these but the condition is pretty mehhh

  15. it lasts 10 to 35 hours duncan and i was only correcting you

  16. it lasts 10 to 35 hours duncan and i was only correcting you (atari lynx and sega game gear were even bigger

  17. it lasts 10 to 35 hours duncan and i was only correcting you (atari lynx and sega game gear were even bigger)

  18. it lasts 10 to 35 hours duncan and i was only correcting you (atari lynx and sega game gear were even bigger) i have the gameboy in its original color (plus im familiar)

  19. I'm very enjoyed your's reviews. You're very professional. Keep going on it. Greetings from Poland.

  20. I got a red play it loud gameboy in mint condition for free, my aunt was finished with it 😀

  21. Found one of these at a store for 10 bucks, so getting it.

  22. Im confused, all i saw you do was talk about the negatives about it. I just found my play it loud series game boy and it had Tetris Blast in it, most fun with a retro device i ever had. the screen is in GREAT shape and its light camo green color is perfectly fine. no problems whatsoever. people, seriously? if you are going to believe everything this guy says, then why would they have even made these? just my opinion.

  23. You do realize that those screens are very common and can be bought for $3, right?

  24. … Also, it is very possible to repair dead pixels. It's also very easy. 🙂

  25. OMG i have the same pokemon game!! until my brother hammered it….. i almost killed him

  26. i got a like new one on amazon thats very almost like new

  27. I just got a gameboy color grape instead of a gameboy.

    Duncan what do you like better gameboy, gameboy pocket, gameboy light, or gameboy color????

  28. @duncan33303 Isn't the phrase "for all intensive purposes"? 😛 Anyways, awesome video!

  29. Oh, another thing… I don't think you mentioned the fact that the Play It Loud! series was ALL colored GameBoys, not just the clear ones. They're actually pretty common, with the yellow ones being considerably harder to find than the other colors. Still a cool video, though, just wanted to clear that up.

  30. Nice GB!
    Im a collector too and that one would be a Favorite of mine too!
    Thank God for the GBSP ;0)

  31. You can get 2 replacements for $5 on eBay.

  32. I have one and it fits in my pocket perfectly.

  33. I bought that exact 1989 gameboy like 3 days ago. My screen is in better condition and all around it's mint condition. but the screen falls off! lol I need to superglue that shit

  34. @TRJ22487ISDEAD

    I have the link port cover and mine is the same one in this vid. 10 bucks for the whole console

  35. I owned 2 original gameboys back in the day. An original white one and the same model you show here. I basically discarded both gameboys while spring cleaning a couple of years ago becasue they were in really bad condition. I miss them though :P. Still have the original tetris game from 1991 though 😀

  36. i like this can you do a vid on a game boy micro oh and where did you find the opening song

  37. Everyone always says "The Original GameBoy is Huge!" Actually, in comparison to its competitors. The Atari Lynx and the Sega Game Gear. Its pretty small. lol

  38. play it loud screen protectors cost about £1…

  39. The black thing is the screen, is u got like stripes all over your screen u need something to let that rubberblack thingy push moar or something, Badenglish ehh

  40. To repair those stripes, get rubble tape and a piece of this paper, and put it on that blac rubber thingy. so it will push more on it (The wires of the screen just are screwed) Badenglish srry 😀

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