Game Boy Play It Loud Review -

Game Boy Play It Loud Review

Austin Evans
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In this video I review the Nintendo Game Boy Play It Loud. The first Nintendo handheld to offer different colors, the Play It Loud was the last model of the original 1989 Game Boy before the Game Boy Pocket was released.

Intro music by Kevin MacLeod.



  2. looks like a gameboy color cartridge game

  3. wow that is an interesting intro and that hair is cool

  4. 5:34 wha?? the bezels for these were so rare back then that people would buy play it loud game boys just to remove them and sell it? now you can get glass replacements for only a couple of dollars

  5. i have a red one and a green kiwi gameboy color for 5 dollars at some tag sale not each for both of them

  6. Wait a minute he said In the beginning that his name is Duncan???

  7. "Maybe get about 8 hours out of it"
    Like to know what the hell's wrong with ur gameboy.

  8. men that device is old but bring good memories.

  9. The play it loud series of GameBoy's has the die's of the different IC's bonded and epoxied to the board rather than having them in a package, other than that it should be the same but i'm not sure, the audio waveforms might be a bit distorted like in the pocket…

  10. 30 hours of gameplay compared to 4 hours on the game gear, WOW

  11. I bought a yellow play it loud at the swop meet for 20bucks working

  12. Got 3 minutes in before I realised it was Austin…

  13. Game boy is fake there is no GH before the numbers

  14. Omg I just realized this “hey guy this is Austin! “ lol

  15. The Pocket and DMG GameBoys had the STN displays, and, correct me if I'm wrong here, the GameBoy Color had the TFT Active Matrix and was adapted by the GameBoy Advanced and higher systems.

  16. This is a better, longer review, 55k views. The 3 minute doesn't even show gameplay, "review". 1million

  17. "You can get about 8 hours out of that. Don't quote me on that."

  18. If they are not common then why do I have 3 clear ones?

  19. Babe- are you happy to see me or you have a game boy in your pants ?

  20. I have one of these still in its clear case it came in. It was bought in November of 1996 by my mom.

  21. Did you know that every Nintendo Play it Loud commercials ending with the Play it Loud text, not any Nintendo-licensed games commercials!

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