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Game Boy on PlayStation!? – Rerez

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It’s time to play Nintendo Game Boy games on a Sony PlayStation with the Super GB Booster by Innovation!
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Special thanks to Nick T. for sending this into the show!

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  1. i got the 1989 version of the Gameboy and I got super Mario land

  2. The Trainer menu does work, if you have a working device. The Gaming Historian explains it brilliantly, but it generates new codes based off of what you do in game, e.g. you die, and it comes up with codes that can affect the lives counter.

  3. I had one but its was called gbc pro and it had sound and played just like on the game boy and later on you could order from china an adapter that let you play gba game stoo.

  4. This is one weird piece of device.
    Yeah… understand why you made video about it… WICKED !!

  5. zelda couldn't but know is 2019. year name garret thomas roland.

  6. Sony is like Quentin Tarantino,,,didn't really have any ideas of their own ….so when a company shows them what their own console can do or be possible of on that it's proving they didn't entirely create or design…….just like when I would call them and ask questions about the port on the back Sony even said we don't know the real company who is the soul creater and our competition had plans for the port ,,,,and this was in a Typed out letter I received after I called several times asking the same questions ,,,,,I never liked Sony until the ps3 but they became one of my favorites with the ps4 ,,,I'm not saying I didn't own a ps1 and ps2 ,,it's just i never thought they were better than Nintendo or Dreamcast/Saturn or Xbox…….they had a handful of games but that's it ………i know people will argue that but then again if they do they probably started on Ps1 or Ps2 ……

  7. the unit could be defective, or it could just be incompatible with original game boy games. Just because it says it works with game boy COLOR carts, does not guarantee it will have backward compatibility! Then again, having never owned or used one of those units, it is merely a guess.

  8. There was video where they got working version

  9. I have the gameboy player for gamecube it looks amazing

  10. That could’ve been a gimmick back in the day just to make money on a useless and unnecessary attachment it’s like the Apple iPhone dongle but on a very old piece of tech


  12. i hear about people saying the ps1 did great but the n64 struggled yet i only owned a ps1 for a year alongside my n64 before the disk drive burned out, wow sony releasing a game system with crummy cd drive? color me surprised. but i also didnt know anyone who owned a ps1 but i knew plenty who owned an n64.

  13. The Nintation didn't work to well for you lol….
    Side note….. . for some reason I prefer game boy to GBA games more than the ds….3ds…. games periods.

  14. 1. your game booster is broken…
    2. to find a code (e.g, infinite mario lives, then you die and then go to the trainer. do it again and eventually you can use codes listed.)

  15. 8:45
    Nintendo couldn't make that work either. The Super game boy doesn't use the SNES at all. It basically contains a gameboy inside which does everything. The SNES only transforms the signal to something a TV can use. It might sound surprising that the Super Gameboy has all the hardware but most of a gameboy is not circuit board. Most of the space is taken up by the buttons, screen and battery.

  16. I learned how to play ps3 games on my ps2. But forgot how.

  17. If this thing let the ps play n64 games I would have absolutely lost my mind

  18. One of the key reasons why the super GameBoy worked so well was because the cartridge had all the inner workings of a GameBoy safe for the screen, and speakers.
    And there is a way of playing GameBoy games on the 64 using the game for a reader pack that hooks to the back of the controller. (I remember being able to play Pokémon red using it and Pokémon Stadium I do not remember if I tried other GameBoy games using this method but I think it would work.)

  19. The super gb booster sucks i tryed to play warioland 1 and it went to to you know what came up

  20. that Rerez guy is pretty funny, he should have a youtube channel

  21. Don't forget that Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2 adder the ability to play Pokémon on the N64, and with a gameshark code you could play any game that wasn't Pokémon as well.

  22. I think the Cheats Menu can detect, what Cheat you need.
    Examle: you die in Mario land, you Tell the menue that Something went down, and after doing this a few times it will detect that you mean lifes, so it will give you an infinit live Code

  23. I think this device deserves a second review with a unit that isn't defective…
    I know its really hard to check to see if these rare and off brand devices are working as intended but this is 10 minutes plus of miss-information.

  24. Innovation is anything besides.

  25. no good sir,i don't think being able to play gameboy games on n64 would have done that much.
    i worked for pokemon. but thats because its pokemon. it was huge at the time.

  26. remember when the AVGN covered that thing on the colecovision that allowed the system to play 2600 games? I guess it took another 3 generations for us to learn.

  27. Dude. You were wrong on so much of this, it's fucking unreal. Try again. Get some technical knowledge first.

  28. hah! i had that thing! or something similar.. but i dont recall it failing and resetting into an inbuilt game

  29. The way trainer is supposed to work is by making true value you wanna change either go up or down, and press the corresponding arrow, and repeat until it narrows it down to just few cheat codes.

  30. One way you can tell whether something is going to be crap or not is when they use Comic Sans MS unironically for text.

  31. Well, in the box it says "Works with GB color games!". You tested that thing just with old GB, originally B&W games :/

  32. It's funny how he loses his mental sanity more and more the more bootlegs he reviews

  33. 1:45 – "What I'm interested in is playing actual Nintendo games on a Sony console."

    Laughs in PSP

  34. try cleaning the contacts at the p port and gb port

  35. 6:55 That's not what a "Trainer" does at all…. Have you never used a Game Shark/etc before? Because you have NO fucking clue what the hell you are talking about here… -_-

    Trainers are used for finding memory addresses to alter certain things in the game. Let's say you have 5 lives, so you go put "5" in the trainer & it'll give you all the memory addresses that contain a "5" value in there somewhere. Then you die & lose a life, so you go back into the trainer & search for "4", this should narrow down the search to the specific memory address used for the "Lives" data, which you can then edit in the Cheats section. Learn how cheat devices actually work, Jesus fucking Christ…

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