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Game Boy on PlayStation!? – Rerez

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It’s time to play Nintendo Game Boy games on a Sony PlayStation with the Super GB Booster by Innovation!
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  1. If this was a console, it would be considered among the worst consoles ever

  2. you should delete this video, you obviously have no idea what you're doing and it's quite frankly embarrassing.

  3. If you use the mini screen you can attach to the ps1 you can finally play gameboy games portable

  4. Jesus, right on the box it says that it plays gb color COLOR!! And for some stupid reason the first things they use are the old gb carts!? Why!? Is it sooo difficult to read what it says right on the damn box!?

  5. My cousin had one that worked, it's true.

  6. that rebound mission game is an arcade like game i know as ding dong. is much faster paced and it keeps score and has additional challenged etc… i think it cost a penny. its fun actually but yeah, this version here is pretty piss poor

  7. The reason why the cheats trainer doesn't work is because you have to actually use it properly. If you want infinite lives, you have to die then go back into the trainer. Then it will narrow it down. Do it again it will narrow it down again. Keep doing this then you will see different cheat codes. It doesn't have a data base right inside itself it won't tell the name right away so then it's just a proses of elimination. You just jumped to conclusions on "WoW tHiS DoEsNt WoRk At AlL" USE IT

  8. I used to have one that worked with actual GB cartridges.

  9. Why are gay boy game on a PS want to cancel that make no sense

  10. Nobody says "Optical disk based games" its CD

  11. Ironically out of the 4 game boy games I have I do have fall of the foot clan, plus I also have a original PlayStation… help

  12. What are your thoughts and pro/cons on the Pandora Boxs?

  13. There's a Officiall gb on n64 called wide boy 64 agb/cgb but is wasn't released

  14. I used to have one of these. Yours might be defective. One thing that helps getting sound to work is Placing the cartridge into the adapter BEFORE putting the converter into the ps1

  15. Adapters like this have been around since the Atari era both the Intellivision and the Colecovision had Atari 2600 adapter sidecars basically a clone system that needed the main console to run. It was in the same vain as the Sega Mega Drive add-ons.

  16. Lol, I don't think anyone would ever say, or word it like: playstation is best know for its use of "optical disk games".. :p

  17. The original gameboy ran at 60fps, this gameboy player for playstation looks like a real piece of work.

  18. Well at least they need something that you can use to play Pokemon Gameboy games on your Nintendo 64. but unfortunately you need Pokemon Stadium to play those games

  19. Eh, Gaming Historian covered this device way better IMO.

  20. I noticed you only tried playing regular GameBoy games, but I know it probably wouldn’t make a difference but what happens if you play GameBoy Color games on it? It said the packaging that it could play GameBoy Color games too.

  21. Why would it be a legal battle coleco sold an Atari add in to play Atari games on the coleco and it was sold in retail stores!!!

  22. The parallel port was the reason why, when the laser drive died in my PS1, I bought a PS One and had the drive transplanted into my old console. It did need some extra work and cables, but it works perfectly fine nearly 20 years later.

  23. I still have mine. I bought mine at a game crazy.

  24. I used to have a innovation region unlocked for the PS1 that said to make it possible to play ntsc games on pal….well that also did not work all that well

  25. I think you could play with that thing with Killer Instinct for Game Boy and the Killer Cuts CD in it


  27. Gonna ask YouTube to not recommend any more of the badly researched vids from this channel.

  28. That thing needs to be modified because its a good concept but its firmware, software lets it down.
    Its a half baked gadget

  29. I would love to be able to play my original NES cartridges on my N64 game console.

  30. Oh man I love the copy of Mario Land with Adam's name on it. Like, that has to be from when he was a kid or something. It's so cool to see that sort of stuff.

  31. Wow!
    Who would have thought it would be so bad?!
    It could have been amazing!

  32. I never used the trainer that most cheat devices came with one, but I know that it has nothing to do with the game number and more to do with altering number values in a game, like the lives, score and ammo. For instance say you have 3 lives, you put the number 3 in the trainer and it will search for that number, but it will probably have 1000's of results. So you need to lose a life or get one to alter the number. The more times you do this the results will narrow down until you are left with a few results.

  33. This kind of reminds me of the ColecoVision expansion module… But worst.

  34. You should get another one just to make sure it isn’t the device. Pretty basic troubleshooting Rerez

  35. Apparently some one was a little salty that the Nintendo Playstation was never produced and released for retail.😈

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