Game Boy on N64?! The Wide-Boy 64 & IS-AGB-CAPTURE Device -

Game Boy on N64?! The Wide-Boy 64 & IS-AGB-CAPTURE Device

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Game Boy on the N64?! We cover 2x Wide-Boy 64 units – the CGB (Game Boy Color) and AGB (Game Boy Advance). AND special guest Behind The Code showcases the successor to the Wide-Boys’ – the IS-AGB-CAPTURE device.

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  1. does anyone know anything about a clear orange PlayStation 1 model can't find any info on it

  2. If you're keen to play Gameboy games on an N64, but you can't afford this, there's a homebrew emulator that uses the transfer pak.

  3. Don’t blame your son for zooming in and out. We all know it was John.

  4. He gave his 3 yr old a rare and expensive N64 accessory

  5. As amazing as it is that through this device you can play GBA games on a 64… I'll happily stick with my Game Boy Player I paid $40 for

  6. 6:08 The graphics look absolutely dreadful! The scaling is fucked beyond belief. It completely ruins the pixel art.

  7. "And suddenly the game just froze" youtube ad break

  8. You actually want to keep the anti-aliasing on if you are scaling the image smaller/larger – Otherwise you get uneven pixels which is much more unsightly than the blur. AA should obviously be turned off at native scale.

  9. Does the IS-AGB-CAPTURE's multi-av out support RGB?
    Or is it built using/based on N64 or NTSC-Cube hardware so it only supports up to S-video?
    Also, is that IDE-like cable thar connects to the GBA connected to a cartridge which you can put into any GBA? Or is the GBA modified in some way?

  10. It's more accurate to call the "anti-aliasing" bilinear interpolation in this case. When you turn it off you can see the tell tale artifacts of nearest neighbour scaling with a non-integer ratio.

  11. You can tell you are in Michigan….we can't get a haircut 🙂

  12. No matter how many I swallow I still remain…… hungry for bananas!🍌

  13. Literwally just watched RGB 208 today. Wild.

  14. man the resolution mismatch with the inconsistent pixel size when zoomed in drives me nuts, lol

  15. didnt we already have gameboy game functionality on the N64 through the controller addon pack?

  16. Let me get this straight… in the Year of Our Lord 2020, with virtual reality 4K headsets, and 100 gigabyte games with 23 gigabytes of uncompressed audio… your son is playing Gameboy Advance games?

    You must be so proud :DDDD

  17. You forgot to mention that GBC/GB games scale like spicy dog ass. That's horrendous

  18. Given the intermittent and seemingly random nature of the error my mind, speaking from an electrical engineering standpoint, jumps straight to failing components, honestly probably a capacitor somewhere on the board. Might be time to open it up and check them out.

  19. Is there a 3rd party version of the wideboy 64 I can purchase for a reasonable amount of money?

  20. It really bothers me that the pixels aren't scaled correctly when you hav the zoomed-in view. ;_;

  21. It’s not surprising that GBA Video carts don’t work on these. They don’t work on the GB Player either, because of piracy concerns. Intelligent Systems may have made these things, but they’ve worked closely with Nintendo from their inception. If that Nintendo logo on the back is any indication, it was likely made and distributed with Nintendo’s blessing. So, this thing is effectively a first-party accessory, meaning that it was subject to the same policies as anything made by Nintendo.

  22. If your kid liked that, may want to show him Blast Corps 😀

  23. The second one came out the same year as Windows XP… at the very least, they knew it was coming out, so why didn’t they make a version that was compatible or at least a way to update it later?

  24. Still blows my mind that someone traded in BOTH of the wideboys at my local game store here in Denver about a year or so ago (Level 7 Games).

    Probably the only time I'll ever get to play with them.

  25. I'm just wondering have you ever been able to sit down and play through an entire GameBoy game on that device? The reason I ask this is because maybe they're not really set up for like a long play sessions the same way the Gameboy player on the GameCube would be and Maybe can be a tad buggy because their intended purposes were just to capture screens and you maybe occasionally encounter errors from time to time because it really didn't take the time to work out all the bugs because of the fact that it was never meant to be a way to actually play the video games more than just getting a few screenshots or capturing footage. That would be kind of my guess is why you would get the splash screen occasionally and why it might of froze your son's game while he was playing. That it's not be set up for long-term play sessions just a guess since I never even knew these things existed until you video and from what you said. so I'm just guessing you may encounter various memory errors from time to time but then again I don't really know that was just a thought I had when watching the video

  26. its better to get woozles gba consolizer, its a neat conversion of a gba handheld device and turns it into a gba console with hdmi that is the same length of the gba and only an inch or 2 thick.

  27. Sooo… why aren't fpgas being made from these?

  28. I love seeing Sigma Star Saga getting some appreciation.

    It's weird that we never got a GBA Shantae game, there was going to be Shantae 2 Risky Revolution but due to lack of publisher interest it never came out and was far from finished, but otherwise, Sigma Star Saga is a reasonable replacement for a GBA Shantae game.

  29. Huh I didn't know the IS-AGB-CAPTURE existed, nice

  30. Zooming in on the cgb model looks soo bad its not integer scale and therefore randomly doubles some pixels and some not…

  31. My problem with this is they put out the super game boy so why weren't these ever sold to consumers? I would have killed to have this when I was a teenager.

  32. I guess earthbound 64 is a thing after all

  33. I think I'll stick with my homebrewed Wii, and Gameboy Player for my GameCube lol!

  34. My guess is the IS logo is on the base graphic that is loaded into VRAM, but then the Wideboy overlays the image from the GBA CPU, so the IS logo only appears when that overlay disappears for whatever reason. Also would explain why you see a frame or two of it on GBA reset. Perhaps connected to the display enable bit?

  35. I’d like to speculate that the reason none of the other owners have seen it is because very few buy this and actually use it lol.

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