Game Boy on N64?! The Wide-Boy 64 & IS-AGB-CAPTURE Device -

Game Boy on N64?! The Wide-Boy 64 & IS-AGB-CAPTURE Device

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Game Boy on the N64?! We cover 2x Wide-Boy 64 units – the CGB (Game Boy Color) and AGB (Game Boy Advance). AND special guest Behind The Code showcases the successor to the Wide-Boys’ – the IS-AGB-CAPTURE device.

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  1. With how expensive these things are it can't hurt to have some one check out the capacitors. Errors like that could be bad caps and even if they are in good condition a preventive recap could be a good idea.

  2. Find/ discuss early modes from NES to SNES? Tri-Star / Super-8?

  3. Interesting how they are playing these on a Nintendo 64 prototype.

  4. Betting its overheating and thats why it locks up/logos/resets

  5. The stretched pixels looks so bad on the GBC one

  6. Great video as always. My only criticism: there is not nearly enough Shrek in this video. Please more Shrek next time.

  7. Hahaha the colour truly was super lazy in that Pokemon GBC game!

  8. Looks like a Leica M3 on the AGB-capture splash screen… they have good taste, not too surprised

  9. It Would be Great if someone discovered a way to make Repro Carts of this Device, it would drop the price significantly.

  10. There should be another 10 Shrek movies and games. Shrek 5 should be rated R as well.

  11. How come no one has made a reproduction of these?

  12. It could be some kind of built in timer since they were meant for clips,ads and screenshots

  13. i wonder how hard it would be to reverse engineer these

  14. They had link cable support and you didn't tried that out?

  15. I want to see you play Mother 3 with the Wide-Boy 64 AGB.

  16. Ah yes, watching the GBA version of Shrek trough your N64.

  17. My theory is that the intelligent systems splash screen is actually the backdrop behind the rectangle the game screen gets drawn to and it is visible when ever the GBA hardware is unable to provide a screen buffer, which would explain the phenomena you described in my opinion

  18. If the software that was used on the PC to capture images was running on windows 95/98 in this video was also compatible with windows 2000, then shouldn't it be compatible with Windows NT as well? Since 2000 was built on the NT4-core, as opposed to W95/98 who is a DOS-based OS. This This is actually kind of cool since many programs at the time only ran on one or the other. Especially games had a hard time running on NT since it's different at it's core from w95/98. On s side-note, this means the game should also run fine on ME, wich was much better than people think since everyone has just "been taught" to hate it. I for one never had any issues with it, but that's a different story. 😛

    What I would like to know is if the software ran on XP as well, since that OS is also based on the NT4-core, but ran basicly anything that "prefered" either OS, apart from DOS-based titles of course.

  19. I don't know how the game reviewing world is, but maybe there's a timer preventing you from playing too long

  20. Nice thanks for the info, I've had this cartridge for 7 years never knew what it really was, I have the wide- boy 64 AGB intelligent systems… now I'm truly playing with power💪🎮👍

  21. My son used to play Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 for GameCube and his favorite thing to do was mess with the camera and zoom in and out. I guess it's a 3 year old thing?

  22. one should never say "audio didn't really matter"

  23. Has anyone ever tried to reverse engineer the Wide Boy carts & make consumer versions of them that still play GBA & GBC games on your N64? If not, then I think someone should try one day so that more people can play those games on their consoles. And before anyone says anything, I know the Game Boy Player for the GameCube exists which does do what those do. But it would still be pretty cool if someone did reverse engineer them & make cheaper, more consumer-friendly versions so that everyone can play Game Boy games on their N64.

  24. i did want nintendo to release a sequel "super gameboy" for the nintendo 64 call the "gameboy color 64", but nintendo never did.

    pokemon stadium on the nintendo 64 lets you use a transfer pak with some gameboy color game to play on the tv.

  25. I'd love to get my hands on one, just long enough to open it and document how it works for the retro community. What chipset is uses (if any) and how the GB cartridge is connected to the n64.

  26. Maybe the Intelligent Systems screen is a fallback to let you know that something's gone with the video signal.

  27. The non-integer scaling of the image bugs me too much

  28. When you said link cable for the AGB I paused the video, and just my jaw dropped. Even tho you can do it on the Gameboy player, I think it’s cool as hell you can do it on the N64

  29. really a very bad call naming your channel… what it is.

  30. They need to figure something like this out for 3DS on the Switch.

  31. If you know how to plug in a controller,
    comment below! It helps.

  32. Do you think you could use RetroBlaster 2.0 to copy the data from an Wideboy 64? And then you can rebuild a second Wideboy 64 transfer board and put the data on it? Could it work?

  33. If anyone knows about a rom of the bios of this beautiful cartridges, please let me know

  34. My man got it right, those are the IR Sensor and IR Output.

  35. Nintendo 64 should have done this when the GBA first came out. Nintendo 64 would have sold a few million

  36. This WideBoy64 Accessory for the Nintendo 64 that could play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. You would use the handheld itself as a controller. It was for developers to make games for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Much rarer then the AGB version that could also play Game Boy Advance games, and it released after the CGB version. It was supposed to be an adapter similar to the Super Game Boy in the Super Nintendo allowing us to play Game Boy Advance games and also Game Boy and Gameboy Color Games on a TV screen. Or you can connect to a GBA Via Wide-boy Cable. it also allows you to take screenshots and compatible with the Gameboy camera. Made by Intelligent Systems. I like the WideBoy64.

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