Game Boy mystery PART 2 -

Game Boy mystery PART 2

Neil Cicierega
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Thanks for sending me your Game Boys.


  1. Dont know if anyone else commented this, but the russian text on gameboys says "ебут829 дерьмо-3", which i assume is "ебучее дерьмо" and that is just a "fucking shit"
    The more you know

  2. There are annotations at the end that read:

    "Just to clarify, I did not actually accept anyone's Game Boys. I bought a box of 18 broken ones off of eBay months ago."

    "The mystery component is a piece of a cell phone that I soldered an antenna onto. I photoshopped the closeup with Russian words on it, and used editing to "activate" it."

    "There really are embedded Russian spies and numbers stations, but there never were any at Nintendo."

    "Read all the comments if you have time, some people are really angry for some reason and it's hilarious"

    "Ronald Reagan was a horrible president."

  3. Did people actually send in Gameboys? Who were they?


  5. Since annotations doesn't work anymore, can someone transcribe me the annotations at the end?

  6. I'm so used to these sorts of YouTube videos going full creepypasta
    but the moment the Russian Spy started talking, everything was ok

  7. For anyone who wants to know, the Russian text on the gameboy is ‘(they) fuck’ and ‘shut’

  8. Within three seconds of ‘Микаил’ showing up, I had to pause the video from laughing so hard. I don’t know how this comment is relevant to anything, but I’m posting it anyway

  9. This guy really had two videos of spooky build-up so that a man could come in with a piece of paper and throw Tetris blocks

  10. I can't tell if this is real or not because this doesn't seem like Neil's sense of humor

    Oh I finished the video okay

  11. omg gamers we did it we totally debunked why the gameboys and tetris blocks will replace humanity in the far distant year of 2020

  12. So, this is the tiny little box, that they make in Japan.

  13. This was the biggest disappointment since 'That's Not Fake' hosted by Martin Mull.

  14. i thought the tetris music was romanian, is this another lie my parents told me to make their country look cool like how corona means crown in polish but they didn't mention it's spelt with a k. . .

  15. These two videos have always been my favorite neil videos for some reason lol

  16. I watched the two videos and now there’s videos of people taking apart game boys all over my recommended

  17. This legitimately scared me. I don't know why I thought Neil would go full horror, but I was expecting something horrifying. Pleasantly surprised.

  18. The transmitter name itself is "Fucking829 Shit-03" which I find pretty funny, it's like they didn't even try to come up with anything clever.

  19. Is that the Olsen Twins slowed down at the end? 😂

  20. So this is the tiny box that they made in Japan

  21. this made me fall into the rabbit hole of communism

  22. Shit, I remember watching these videos years ago and never knew it was Neil.

  23. This really scared me at first but when the Russian dude came in I was like “oh”

  24. move over thesunvanished theres a new arg in town

  25. Время для Тетрис революции

  26. If the Soviet guy walks into my house, after shooting all the Tetris blocks, instead of killing him, I’d just make him my slave.

  27. Russian words on the chip, "ЕБУТ829 ДЕРЬМО-3", translate to "FUCKING SHIT" btw

  28. I like how it takes 2 videos for the punchline to happen. Makes part 1 seem real.

  29. I love this theory.
    No matter how crazy Neil is.

  30. 0:12 I put this in Apple translate and it says FUCK829 SHIT-3

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