Game Boy Micro - Unboxing and Review -

Game Boy Micro – Unboxing and Review

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The Game Boy Micro was released in 2005 and introduced a new way for people to play Game Boy Advance games on an extremely small and compact screen. Unfortunately after being greatly overshadowed by the Nintendo DS which was released only months earlier in 2004, not many units were sold and as a result many people have likely not had the chance to experience gaming on a Game Boy Micro, and some may not even realize that it exists at all.

Today we are doing an unboxing of both the North American and Japanese versions of the Game Boy Micro box, as well as reviewing the console and having a look at how exactly it works, what it looks like while it’s being played, and how the face plates are removed and changed. The Game Boy Micro is not compatible with any software or accessories from either the original Game Boy or Game Boy Color, and is not compatible with any accessories from the original GBA or GBA SP line of products without the use of adapters or dongles which could only be bought online from similar to the Nintendo Gamecube Component cable. It is however compatible with all Game Boy Advance games, and they fit perfectly into the bottom of the console without any annoying protrusion as was the case when playing GBA games on a Nintendo DS Lite.

Considering that the Game Boy Micro marks the last ever product released in the Game Boy family, it’s a shame that it isn’t better remembered. Nintendo originally planned for the Nintendo DS to be a console completely separate from the Game Boy line, and perhaps failed to anticipate just how greatly the DS would overtake the Game Boy as the king of portable consoles as a result. Regardless though, today we remember the Game Boy’s final step into the spotlight, and hopefully through this video you will learn more about exactly what the Game Boy Micro was and why those who have had the chance to play one have fond memories of doing so.

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  2. i got rid of mine couple years ago has i suffer problems with my hands and could not use small handhelds anymore . i did playthrough pokemon emerald with it though 🙂 .

  3. I've got my UK one here. Same kind of box as the Japanese one (with the two flaps) but larger. We didn't get any extra faceplates included here in the UK nor the tool. I presume that that came with any faceplates you could buy additionally.

    It's a great unit, screen is awesome but it's far too small for prolonged use.

  4. Good job on the videos as always my friend keep up the awesome work now that's what I call a tiny console I liked the cameo faceplate my little brother was a military man so I like anything cameo I'll talk to you later my friend I'm going to go take a nap I'm working hard on the creepypasta I'm going to send you

  5. I would avoid the Game Boy Micro because:
    1. The Game Boy Micro is not compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color game cartridges.
    2. The Game Boy Micro is way too small.
    3. The Game Boy Micro's screen, despite it being very well backlit, is way too small for adult gamers to see what they are playing on it.
    4. The Game Boy Micro's faceplate muffles the Game Boy Micro's speaker.
    5. The Game Boy Micro's smaller screen is fit for a child's eyesight.
    6. The Game Boy Micro's built-in rechargeable battery has crappy battery life.
    and 7. The Game Boy Micro's built-in rechargeable battery cannot be replaced.

  6. Cool to see you making videos again Andrew!
    been watching since you're game room tour like 7 years ago lol.

  7. I love the micro! I do wish however that they made more creative designs on the faceplates like they did with the New Nintendo 3DS.

  8. The one Nintendo handheld no one asked for.

  9. It really, really bothers me that the A and B buttons are in lower case instead of upper case. >:V

  10. I always wanted the Micro when I was a kid… I only saw it one time at my local Walmart back then and unfortunately couldn't get it. Awesome video, thanks for taking me on this journey!!

  11. Hey Great Job on this Review Of The Game Boy Micro! Keep up the great work with your Videos!

  12. GBA Micro is so cool looking. Great Video

  13. Very cool. Such a niche product from a time when Nintendo was taking risks — for better or for worse. Great video, as always. Do you also have the smaller New 3DS with the changeable faceplates?

  14. 10 minutes ago I just posted my video game console INSIDE and Game Boy cartridge!! 🙂

  15. YOOOO HOLY CRAP. The YouTube recommend tab saved me I remember watching you like. 6 years ago. With your Pokemon blue GameShark thing with "John's" when you were called Andrewsgamedisplay. Totally catching up

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