Game Boy Micro - Unboxing and Review -

Game Boy Micro – Unboxing and Review

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The Game Boy Micro was released in 2005 and introduced a new way for people to play Game Boy Advance games on an extremely small and compact screen. Unfortunately after being greatly overshadowed by the Nintendo DS which was released only months earlier in 2004, not many units were sold and as a result many people have likely not had the chance to experience gaming on a Game Boy Micro, and some may not even realize that it exists at all.

Today we are doing an unboxing of both the North American and Japanese versions of the Game Boy Micro box, as well as reviewing the console and having a look at how exactly it works, what it looks like while it’s being played, and how the face plates are removed and changed. The Game Boy Micro is not compatible with any software or accessories from either the original Game Boy or Game Boy Color, and is not compatible with any accessories from the original GBA or GBA SP line of products without the use of adapters or dongles which could only be bought online from similar to the Nintendo Gamecube Component cable. It is however compatible with all Game Boy Advance games, and they fit perfectly into the bottom of the console without any annoying protrusion as was the case when playing GBA games on a Nintendo DS Lite.

Considering that the Game Boy Micro marks the last ever product released in the Game Boy family, it’s a shame that it isn’t better remembered. Nintendo originally planned for the Nintendo DS to be a console completely separate from the Game Boy line, and perhaps failed to anticipate just how greatly the DS would overtake the Game Boy as the king of portable consoles as a result. Regardless though, today we remember the Game Boy’s final step into the spotlight, and hopefully through this video you will learn more about exactly what the Game Boy Micro was and why those who have had the chance to play one have fond memories of doing so.

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  1. YOOOO HOLY CRAP. The YouTube recommend tab saved me I remember watching you like. 6 years ago. With your Pokemon blue GameShark thing with "John's" when you were called Andrewsgamedisplay. Totally catching up

  2. Here cause i want to remember that 2005 christmas

  3. I want a gbm now… how did you get a brand new one?

  4. The gameboy micro has the same charger as the ds lite

  5. I remember my parents buying me this GBM I was so happy, it came with 9 games which are now probably lost from what I remember. It still works though.

  6. Nice video. my childhood was unboxed. my micro broke

  7. This is the only Gameboy I've never owned, I love the style of it but I just don't know how practical that screen is to play on these days after playing the Switch in handheld for the last couple of years!…Nice video by the way!

  8. I have a Game Boy Micro and it works perfectly, but the creamy coloured part has broken and it can’t hold the on/off switch and the battery cap in place. I want to know if that part can be replaced. Thank in advance!

  9. Funny when i was a kid i can't afford this thing. Then now that i have a job i bought one of that even though it's not on the trend anymore. More like i promise to myself that i will have one. Hahaha

  10. I found a Gameboy Micro at a goodwill store for practically nothing. It’s in a great shape, there are no scratches in the body and it even has the Gameboy Micro knitted sock that came with it. The faceplate has a few minor scratches however and I’ve been wanting to buy a new faceplate. I’ve heard that the unofficial aftermarket ones online have a cloudy plastic resulting in a worse image than the official plates.
    Does anyone have any experiences with good ones you can get online? I don’t want to trial and error it when the faceplate price is 1200 % of the price I paid for the Micro.

  11. The gameboy micro looked really ahead of its time

  12. One of these days I'm gonna get me a GBM it looks so damn cool I love how the games look on that smaller screen.

  13. I keep trying to find a micro reasonably priced, but 100 seems to be the lowest I can find

  14. damn and I was selling my gameboy micro for $20 on garage sale weeks ago. good thing it's still collecting dust inside a box after I play one Pokemon game lol

  15. I got mine for 20.00 in a discount bin in 2006

  16. Talk about odd I’m playing mega man while watching this and what game do you put in mega man.

  17. I remember I got this as a gift from my aunt. I used to play the DBGT game on it. I got it when I was 6 so i didn’t know the name of it.

  18. Did yours come with the pouch? Mine doesnt have the pouch in the US release box

  19. Anybody have any advice where to get a GBM thats not like 150$ cause everywhere I look they are like the price of a new SWITCH

  20. I seriously need me one of these I can't see what I'm playing

  21. I got this game as a gift for Christmas when I was 7. Lost the silver screen (didn’t like it anyway because it was too plain lol). But I still have the flame and camo faceplates. It’s glitchy from when I dropped it in the tub when I was 7. But still works once I get it on.

  22. If I wanted one now (2020) would my best bet be eBay?

  23. I remember when I used to play Pokemon emerald in that console. When my saved file was deleted because of my reckless brother, I got REALLY mad. I punched him and my mum went really mad and I was so pissed I have to repeat everything all over again. Hahaha memories.

  24. My only problem is the screen is a bit too small

  25. Also, the Japanese version doesn't come with face plates. Wonder why.

  26. If this guy bought it in the US, I bet he paid damn near $400 for a boxed or almost new GBM. I’m jealous.

  27. I would argue that the GB Micro is the best Gameboy, they do have link cables, wireless connection adapter, and you can even get a GBA SD card cartridge and play all the Gameboy games on it. An adapter to play the GB cartridges would be nice, but oh well.

  28. i got mine importet from japan as i did not like the european coloe variants of the system (mine is black)

  29. good God how many NES games do you have back there

  30. I'm getting myself a Game Boy micro with a copy of mother 3

  31. Today I've discovered that I had bought the Japanese version ten years ago.

  32. I got the gba micro for Christmas then the next year got three more on black black Friday at 40$ a piece

  33. From a box on the shelf perspective I prefer the Japanese box.

  34. I saw one of these about 10 years ago at an arcade as a winnable prize of one of those games that had exprensive prizes. Haven't seen one since

  35. Dude, how did you get all 7 stars in MMBN 3 without pulling your hair out

  36. I had tow of these gave one to my cousin and played with the other until I couldn't anymore good old days

  37. Just found your channel and I like it! Keep up the good work.

  38. I have a question, so when the game is displaying black colors is there a white hue on the screen? But when there's other colors on the screen it looks good right? I was just wondering if that's a thing on the micro when displaying games with black colors for examples and whether or not the screen has a white hue. I'd really appreciate it so much, thank you

  39. Amazing how this could have a headphone jack but the gba sp "Couldn't".

  40. Cool, I bought a replacement battery for my micro. after a google search I discovered the battery life was supposed to last like 7 hours but mine didn't get to half hour before the lights go red

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