Game Boy Longplay [181] X -

Game Boy Longplay [181] X

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  1. Man, the plane simulator on GB was barely enough, to push the GB limits…

  2. I just can't believe this exists! With this soundtrack, are you f**King kidding me?! This is art. Wth.

  3. Low FPS aside:What the actual fuck?!It’s insane how they managed to make a game using polygonal 3D on the original Gameboy.

  4. What if more Gameboy games looked like this

  5. Remember whenever you see this particular character in X for the GameBoy don’t trust him?

  6. It is a japan exclusive game after all since it pushed the limits of the gameboy system the second was the port of dragon's lair

  7. Jez San sure was one talented programmer.

  8. One of the most underrated GB games of all time. Still waiting for an English translation.

    Edit 2021: It finally happened! A complete fan translation was released by anthropogon AND the official unreleased English translation leaked as part of the gigaleaks. Yahoo!

  9. Believe it or not, but this game, regardless of it being called X or Lunar Chase, is actually one of two side stories of sorts to the Metroid franchise.  This game is also the prequel to the game that is called X-Scape in the Americas, 3D Space Tank in the EU, and X-Returns in Japan, and that game is the second game in the series.  The main character in both games is actually the brother of one of the main characters in the Metroid franchise, specifically, the brothers are Ian Malkovich and Adam Malkovich, respectively.

  10. This looks like a game that should be on the virtual boy.

  11. Damn, I though this was a game about the anime X.
    Well still it was fun to watch.

  12. 4mhz 6502 compatible CPU and yet with 1/4 the resolution it still manages to be less than half the speed of a BBC Micro with 2mhz 6502 LOL what a piece of sh!t the gameboy design was, motherboard and CPU and musical doorbell soundchip………useless

  13. and peeps complain about Doom running at 30fps on the switch.

  14. In a way, this was the first incarnation of Star Fox.

  15. 昔発売当初に買ってやりこんだでもクリアしてません

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